Projector won’t fit whole screen? Check these 3 solutions

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troubleshoot Project wont fill whole screen Windows

All the projectors allow the users to customize the screen size. However, at times you may notice that the projector won’t fit the whole screen. The users can adjust the screen size using the controls given on the projector. But, some users have reported projector won’t fil screen on their Windows 10 devices as reported in the Reddit Community forums.

I have a Benq HT1070. The projected image touches the top and bottom of my 100″ screen but doesn’t reach the left and right by about 2″-4″. The angles are square so I’m confused. What really dumb thing am I missing here?


Follow the steps given in this article to fix the projector won’t fill screen issue.

Projector won’t fill the screen 

1. Check Source Device Display and project Screen Ratio

  1. Your projector screen and the source display aspect ratio should match before you can fill the whole screen.
  2. First, check the aspect ratio of your system display/monitor. Most of the modern displays come with 16:9 aspect ratio.
  3. If the projector is not fitting the whole screen, it means it is set to 16:10 aspect ratio.
  4. You can easily change the aspect ratio of the screen using the Projector’s remote control.
  5. First, turn on the projector and switch to the image source (connect to your laptop or mobile device).projector won't fit whole screen
  6. Press the Aspect button on the remote control until you find the perfect aspect ratio.

Learn how to properly set up a projector on Windows 10 with these detailed guides.

2. Try to Duplicate the Screen from Windows System

  1. Connect your projector to your computer and turn on the projector
  2. Open the Action Center from the taskbar.
  3. Click on the Project option.
  4. Click on Duplicate option.
    projector won't fit whole screen
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions if prompted.
  6. This should send the full screen to the projector.

If the issue persists, verify the screen resolution settings.

  1. Click on Start and select Settings.
  2. Go to System and click on Display.
  3. Click on Advanced Display Settings.
  4. Set the resolution to your native display resolution.
    projector won't fit whole screen
  5. If not, change the Resolution from the Display section.

3. Other Solutions to Try

projector won't fit whole screen

  1. HDMI connection will automatically select the correct resolution. However, if you use VGA connection, you may require to set up the resolution manually.
  2. Make sure that the projector is fully zoomed out using the remove. In case the projector zoom is inadvertently adjusted, it will create issues with the screen ration.
  3. Check if the projector placement is right. Turn on the projector and note the blue screen that appears during the startup. This should give you a brief idea about the projector placement. If the blue screen is not filled, you may need to move the projector forward / backward depending on the placement.


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