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Multiple users have been complaining on various OEM forums that they are having problems with the network adapters and Wi-Fi cards made by Ralink in Windows 10 Some of them either can’t install Windows 10 at all or their Wi-Fi is having troubles.

We have talked before about widespread Wi-Fi problems in Windows 10 and some potential fixes that you could try to solve the problem.

Windows 10 is an impressive operating system which comes with several improvements in the wireless networking field, such as the faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

But now, it’s time to help the community once more and report another annoying issue.

I’ve seen a number of forum posts, some of them being recent, from the past two months, and some of them dating back from March – all of them seem to have problems with Ralink‘s Wi-Fi drivers in Windows 10, whether we’re talking about a Wi-Fi card or a network adapter.

One angry HP user isn’t able to install Windows 10:

I have notebook Hp 4530s with Ralink RT3592 802.11a/b/g/n 2×2 Wireless Network Adapter PCIVEN_1814&DEV_3592&SUBSYS_1638103C&REV_00   HP p/n 629887. I cannot install Windows 10 (blue screen). I didn’t have problem with install Windows 10 without this Wi-Fi card. When I insert the card in the system – I get blue screen again. I cannot install sp63214 and sp61409 without wi-fi card. Help me please.

Quick tip:

This issue can also be caused by outdated network drivers, so a third-party updater that can fix that fast is very desirable.

That being said, we recommend that you try DriverFix. It is fast, portable, and it is backed up by a library of all known drivers available on the market.

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How do I fix Ralink Wi-Fi issues in Windows?

  1. Go into your system BIOS
  2. Disable the embedded WiFi by following this Memory=>System Configuration=>Inbuilt devices
  3. Log back and run the Windows 10 updater
  4. Reboot as many times as you are required
  5. Go back into BIOS and re-enable the embedded Wi-Fi by following the same steps from above
  6. Boot into Windows Safe Mode, make sure you uncheck with networking option
  7. Go to the Device Manager and disable the WiFi adapter
  8. Reboot into normal Windows
  9. Install the Ralink drivers you downloaded
  10. Go into Device Manager and choose update device drivers for the (disabled) WiFi adapter
  11. Select Browse My Computer, then Select from List
  12. Choose one of the Ralink drivers presented
  13. Enable device, if you get a blue screen, disable again in Safe Mode, and try again selecting a different driver.

Like in many other similar problems, what you need to do is check whether you have installed the latest available drivers. You can download Ralink‘s latest WiFi drivers from here and make sure you save them to a proper location.

Let us know if this solves your problem with the Ralink WiFi driver in Windows 10. If not, as always, leave your comment and we’ll look into it together.

Other WiFi problems in Windows 10 and their fixes

In case WiFi problems still persist, that means that the problem lies not in Ralink Card, but in a system error and you need to fix it by your own. Hopefully, we have lots of fixes for WiFi issues in Windows 10, that saved our readers multiple times.

Let us know in the comments if our guide helped you to solve your issue.

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Avatar Clayton R. Roberts

I got a

ralink technolgy corpoation wireless adapter 802.11n USB Wireless LAN with the driver software desk, but ther was no utility software on the desk. Where do I go toget the UTILTY software I need to get all I can out if it?

Avatar Ivan

Hello, I bought a new HP Envy 17 and I have the same problem with the internet connection (very slow and drop several times) I went to the Ralink web page and downloaded the lasted driver, I installed it and the internet was runnig fantastic! For the first time since I bought it was very fast and never drop the connection. I was so excited that I used all night many hours without any problem, but at the next day when I turned on the laptop, the problem was again there. I didn’t make the steps in my laptop because it came with W 8.1 already, I just downloaded and installed normally the driver without touch the BIOS or other things because I don’t know to much about that things. What should I do now? What can you suggest? I called HP suport and they uninstall the new driver (dated 04/2014) and installed again the original that comes with the machine (dated 11/2013)… of course the problem continue the same like in the begining. HELP ME PLEASE

Avatar S J

I have a new HP Envy 15 TS with exactly the same problem. Solved it by going to the Microsoft driver via control panel -> network adaptor -> Ralink xxx ->, Properties -> Update driver -> use driver on my computer -> browse for drivers -> select the Ralink xxx (Microsoft) one. No problems since. Do not use any Ralink xxx (Ralink Technology, Corp) ones. Can’t believe HP allows this to continue – there’s plenty of complaints in forums on this issue.

Avatar kdm

I was able to finally get my HP Probook 4530s Ralink RT3592 wireless card driver to work. Followed the instructions above – disabled the card in the BIOS, installed Win 8.1 over the wired connection, left wireless disabled and downloaded the driver from which is version dated 9/21/2012. Once this was installed, I enabled the wireless card in the BIOS, then booted into Safe Mode and disabled it there. Rebooted into normal mode, selected the wireless device and chose update driver from computer location.

Avatar Radu Tyrsina

Awesome! So glad to hear this!

Avatar LLP

I got this method working on HP Probook 4330s running Windows 8.1 Pro (where I installed Windows 8.1 Pro with the wireless card unmounted from the Notebook). I downloaded the official driver (Ralink RT3592 Wireless driver) for Windows 8 (not 8.1, because no wireless drivers where listed) from the HP website.
I followed the steps here, and got the wireless card working with the drivers: ‘802.11n Wireless LAN Card (Microsoft)’ (No bluetooth) and the first and third ‘802.11n Wireless LAN Card (Ralink Technology, Corp.)’ (With bluetooth) driver from the list (from the top. You may need to reboot after updating the driver).
When I chose any of the other drivers that where from Ralink I got the BlueScreen error instantly after driver update/change. This was the BlueScreen error: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

Hope this helps! And thank you for the article. 🙂 (I have the Ericsson mobile broadband driver also installed).

Avatar Radu Tyrsina

Awesome! Thanks for informing us! I hope this helps other users that have been reporting similar issues. Do subscribe and stay around! 🙂

Avatar LLP

Happy to share. 🙂
* If users wonder what I am referring to when I write ‘the list of drivers’, it is the driver(s) list which comes up after you hit ‘Browse My Computer’ in the device manager, when clicking ‘Update Driver’; just to be clear, hehe. 🙂