7 best screen sharing software with audio to use in 2022

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  • Integrating audio communication into your screen sharing enables better and quicker communication.
  • Remote desktop applications offer you the possibility to make presentations and guides, but they are also powerful customer support tools.
  • We gathered some of the best video conferencing and remote desktop tools that implement both screen sharing and audio, so make sure to read on and see what they offer.

Communicate with your team better, faster, and saferImprove the way you comunicate with your work colleagues with the help of this amazing video conferencing tool. Here's are some of the things that Pexip brings you:

  • Complete integration with other collaborative tools
  • High-quality video feeds powered by AI
  • Secure video conferencing
  • Flexible deployments

Introduce your company to a new way of communication

Screen sharing software tools capable of sending images with audio are highly sought nowadays because we are still forced to conduct our work online.

These programs are also often used for remote desktop assistance. No matter if you’re asking for help or providing it, a screen-sharing tool is a must.

And if you can also provide the audio cues to help you explain or understand the problem, that could make your case stronger.

There are plenty of screen-sharing solutions out there, so we extended our reach to find the best ones for you so check them out below.

What are the best screen-sharing tools with audio?


The next entry our list of screen-sharing tools is one of the best online webinar and video-conferencing tools called Pexip, and it impresses us with tools that you rarely see in competitors.

For example, video meetings will feel closer to in-person meetings than ever before thanks to the AI-powered engine called Adaptive Composition which reduces distractions and offers a more natural, relaxed experience.

There is also a perfect balance between flexibility and security, as you can connect from any device, be it Pc or mobile, but you will still need login details to join, and the meetings are secured via advanced encryption.

Precip offers you the possibility to seamlessly integrate third-party productivity and collaboration tools.

These include popular VOIP tools such as Microsoft Teams and Skype for business.

Being very much focused on productivity, the tool implements a scheduling feature so every participant will get notified whenever a new conference is approaching.

Here are some of the tools that you’ll gain access to with Pexip:

  • Familiar interface
  • Securely join with any device
  • Bring meetings to life with AI
  • Integrated with your tools and systems
  • High-performance video and audio quality

Prexip is a paid service but you can try it out for free for 30 days and see how it works for you. It’s enough time to try out all its features and make an informed decision before purchasing.


Stay connected with everyone and share your screen easily with Pexip, and see what communication really feels like.

Try Pexip Visit website


Next on our list is a full-fledged workspace and collaboration tool that is very promising and versatile when it comes to screen sharing options.

With Desktop.com you will be able to share your screen with other participants of a video conference in just a few clicks.

This way you will be able to present your screen and also make use of the audio and video communication features present within the conference option.

As the name of the app suggests, Desktop.com lets you create and share your desktop, meaning your digital workspace along with all apps and integrations within it.

Not only does it offer you the possibility to create and manage several desktops, but you can also share your desktop with your team members for easier collaboration.

It is another option that you can use to share your screen. It’s best suited for real-time collaboration, and not necessarily for making a presentation or explaining something, as it is the case for conference calls.

To share your desktop, you just have to navigate to the Desktops menu and select one of the private desktops you have access to. Click the share button and select the team members you want to give access to.

If you want to use audio whilst sharing your desktop, just click on the chat button and start a discussion. You can access it from the same unified UI so you have the possibility to share your desktop and chat at the same time.

Desktop.com also offers you the possibility to share a desktop on a mobile device for Android users. It works under the same principle the PC desktop sharing is using.

Other key features of Desktop.com include:

  • Share third-party audio and video files in conference calls
  • Task management and assigning tools
  • Connect third-party message apps to a unified chat
  • Strong encryption protocols to keep all data private

This collaboration software that includes screen sharing with audio features is available for free under a limited plan that’s best for individual use. It also has paid options that have more storage space and a larger set of features.


Enable easy communication and share your screen and desktop with this powerful workspace tool.

Free trial Visit website


AnyDesk is the perfect tool either if you want to use it to help someone or simply communicate remotely because it comes with a Transmission option.

AnyDesk is a remote desktop application with thousands of worldwide users. It’s suitable for remote work as well as online learning.

You can simply send audio in real-time if you check the Transmit sound option in the software’s settings. You can even set up the audio device used for the audio transmission on the client’s PC.

Otherwise, AnyDesk offers military-grade encryption for the connection so you can rest assured that you will be protected from any unauthorized access.

Along with the remote desktop feature, AnyDesk also has a video conference option where users can communicate in real-time.

As for compatibility, this solution works on all major platforms and operating systems and has a latency of only 16 ms so your remote-control actions will be almost instant.

The tool also lets you share your mobile screen directly from your Android device.

Let’s see some of AnyDesk’s best features:

  • Very low latency
  • Military-grade encryption
  • High framerate image
  • Compatible with all major operating systems and platforms
  • Instant support and live administration through remote control

AnyDesk is a paid service. It has three different plans that vary in features, the number of devices you can connect, and customer support options.


If you want to benefit from remote desktop control and sound transmission simultaneously, AnyDesk is the best out there!

Get AnyDesk Visit website


Mikogo is not only a screen-sharing tool but it offers high-quality VoIP and teleconferencing features that transform it into a full-fledged collaboration tool.

Of course, like any other remote desktop app, with this software, you can share your screen but you can also send text and files.

And if you get interrupted or you need to do something else, you have the pause or lock the session with a click on the dedicated buttons.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a tech wiz to operate it because it’s really simple to use and comes with a friendly interface.

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Mikogo lets you select the exact applications/windows you want to share while hiding everything else you have open on your PC.

This helps you stay focused on communicating and presenting what you want to present without requiring you to close other tasks.

Mikogo also implements a multi-user whiteboard that lets you use annotation tools in real-time, as you share your ideas.

Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

  • High-quality VoIP and teleconferencing audio-video connection
  • Session Scheduler for setting the meetings in advance
  • Application selection and multi-monitor features
  • Efficient transfer system of files up to 200 MB
  • Free version available

Mikogo is a subscription-based service with three different plans available. It offers packages for individual users, professionals with large teams, and smaller teams.


Forget about voice assistance, with Mikogo you can start live conferences to convey your message to all peers.

Free trial Visit website


If you’re looking for free screen-sharing software with audio for your personal use, you can go for TeamViewer. It’s really popular because you can also share video and audio with other users.

A great advantage of this tool is that it is available to use in over 30 languages so you’re not stuck with the regular few choices found in most software.

TeamViewer is very well adjusted for Windows 10 and Windows 11 use, but you can also work with it on most platforms and operating systems, including Linux or Mac.

Not only does this software enable screen sharing, but it also lets you remotely manage the devices you connect to.

This means that you get to use the connected computer with a pre-established set of rights. 

It is a useful customer support application as it lets agents connect to the user’s desktop in real-time and offer quick audio guidance.

Along with the screen sharing option, Teamviewer also has a video conferencing feature.

Other key features of Team Viewer include:

  • Remote printing for Windows and macOS
  • Secure file sharing option
  • Black screen for private remote access

This tool is pretty complex so you can even hold real conferences by also using whiteboard functions or chat and you can even send important files across to the attendants.

 Get TeamViewer


Zoom in another great web conferencing app that also comes with screen sharing with sound and it’s free if you keep the session under 40 minutes and participants under 100.

With this increasingly popular tool, not only that you can share your screen, but you can also make annotations on it, using it as a whiteboard while you’re voice or text chatting.

And the best part about Zoom is that it can be used on all platforms and operating systems and it can be easily used as a business communication tool.

That’s because it can record everything, including the questions from the participants by chat and videos from the presenters.

Zoom is an efficient way to host and participate to meetings. You can benefit from the scheduling features to set a time for the meeting and notify each participant ahead of time.

With Zoom, you can also customize your background picture which is not only a fun option, but it can also help you preserve your privacy if you are working from home and are not necessarily comfortable with sharing your surroundings.

The tool also has a powerful search feature that allows you to quickly find contacts, messages, upcoming meetings, or chat channels. Just enter your keywords and you’ll get your results in a few seconds.

Other key features of Zoom include:

  • Audio-only conferencing
  • Cross-platform message feature
  • Powerful end-to-end encryption
  • Waiting rooms
  • Customizable permission settings for each session

Zoom is an overall good option if you want to be able to share your screen and benefit from audio at the same time. It offers high-quality video and audio support.

Get Zoom


Everybody knows about Skype and it’s extremely popular for audio and video communication purposes. However, you can also use it for screen sharing and that makes it a great choice on our list.

After entering a video call, you simply have to click the + button in the call window and select the Share Screen option to achieve your goal.

Apart from that, if you didn’t use its screen sharing option, you should check it out and see if it works for you because the tool is free.

Skype recently implemented the call recording and live subtitle feature. This gives better accessibility in case of a bad connection that may cause audio problems for some participants.

Not only that, but you can save your conference and re-watch it if you need to be reminded of some key elements that were discussed.

Another benefit you get from using Skype is that you can connect from multiple platforms. This makes it easy to have conferences on the go, as it supports mobile phones, tablets,  virtual assistants such as Alexa, and even Xbox. You can also connect directly from your browser.

Other key features of Skype include:

  • Secure file sharing option
  • Integrate your mobile number and reach people that are not online
  • Industry-leading end-to-end encryption

You can use the conference options and screen sharing options within Skype for free. Skype to Skype calls are not charged, but if you want to integrate the use of phone numbers, you will have to pay.

 Get Skype

These are some of the best audio share software tools available right now on the market. Give them a try and select the one that meets your needs.

If you’re looking for a solution to share screen and audio, we’ve got an excellent list including the best screen sharing software for Windows 10 that you can get right now.

Tell us what tool you’d like to use from all these and why on our comments section below. You can also give us other ideas if you like.

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