Shadow Warrior 2 receives Patch and The Way of The Wang DLC

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Shadow Warrior 2 has received two major updates: The free The Way of The Wang DLC alongside an important patch that fixes a series of annoying bugs.

The Way of The Wang DLC brings new crafting modes, a new weapon and three new difficulty levels. Shadow Warrior 2 Patch fixes a long list of technical issues affecting the gameplay, multiplayer mode and the game’s user interface.

Shadow Warrior 2 Way of The Wang DLC content:

  • Seven Brutal Trials
  • New Crafting Modes:
    • Infuse Gem – merge gem with weapon, available after finishing two Trials of Infusion
    • Purify Gem – remove negative stats from gem, available after finishing two Trials of Purification
    • Embed Gem – upgrade base weapon stats, available after finishing two Trials of Embedding
  • New Weapon: Fist of Gozu. Finish Trial of the Ancient God to receive this powerful weapon
  • Five New Achievements
  • Three new difficulty Tiers for Insane difficulty.

Shadow Warrior 2 Patch bug fixes:

  • Fixed ‘Saved Games’ relocation
  • Fixed missing shadows after changing a map or weather
  • Fixed Warlord force slash bug
  • Fixed incorrect Vanish behavior
  • Alt weapon ammo counter fixed
  • Fixes for places where player could get stuck
  • Various audio fixes
  • Fixed damage caused effects for other co-op players
  • Fixed a bug where co-op partners get level up while still in loading process
  • Fixed disappearing weapon after cutscenes in some circumstances
  • Fixed barrier not spawning when fighting the last boss
  • Fixed chi and health not regenerating while in hub for client that teleporting to a cutscene
  • Fixed quest giver Kamiko not spawning for clients in hub area
  • Fixed client block on 018kmh after last cutscene.

For more information about the latest Shadow Warrior 2 patch and DLC, check out the game’s official Steam page.



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