We answer: This version of Skype will be discontinued soon

by Aleksandar Ognjanovic
Aleksandar Ognjanovic
Aleksandar Ognjanovic
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The advancement in software development is a mandatory thing. If you don’t follow up trends, you get replaced with something else. And that’s what’s Microsoft’s team responsible for Skype development has taken as a rule of thumb. The new Skype is fresh and packs a modern design.

However, not everyone wants to transfer to that flashy instant messenger-like iteration. Some people don’t want to fix what’s not broken. Sadly, they won’t have a choice as the old Skype will be discontinued soon and the new one will replace it.

What’s up with that new version of Skype prompt?

Since the new iteration of Skype for Desktop was introduced, it had a lot of problems. Recently, Skype got better, but it also got more similar to the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Viber. The all that 15-years-old VoIP-focused application was completely revamped and now it’s, basically, a chat app with a video calling option.

You can still stray away from the update, as Microsoft extended the support for Skype 7 (Classic Skype) for a few months more. This action was instigated by the community backlash, as users were more than satisfied with what the Classic Skype version has to offer.

So until then, don’t worry about the “This version of Skype will be discontinued soon” prompt and just refuse updates. When, eventually, Skype 8.0 takes over, we can only hope that the best features from the old one will find their place in this new release.

Until then, we suggest sending a feedback to the responsible team and ask for the old Skype to last longer. Or to replicate old features on a new release. Either way, we can conclude this article on that note. Make sure to tell us whether you like or dislike Skype 8.0. What the new version lacks? The comments section is just below.


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