Users report that Windows 10 Creators Update slows down PCs

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The new Windows 10 Creators Update is supposed to improve PC performance and deliver a faster, more reliable Windows 10 experience. Unfortunately, many users who upgraded to Windows 10 Creators Update are dealing with a series of issues that make their computers anything but fast and reliable.

There are multiple problems that appeared unexpectedly after months of test and optimization. Getting back to the matter at hand, it seems that some users are dealing with very sluggish PCs after they’ve updated to the Creators Update.

Sumit Gupta130, a Microsoft forum user, has decided to search for help online, wishing to know how to get rid of their annoying problem. Here is what happened to Sumit after updating to the Creators Edition.

Today i installed windows 10 creators update and it got installed without any issue. But after installing i m experiencing performance problems. Even some basic apps and video players are lagging very much.

And also i deleted my previous windows installation files so i can’t go back now. PLz help and tell me way to increase performance or tell me a way to roll back to previous build without deleting any data.

Also i have tried all the basic ways to increase performance  like deleting temp files, disabling effects , etc. So please don’t waste time in suggesting all those methods.

If you’re experiencing a similar issues, try using one of these Windows 10 PC optimization software. These tools can really make your PC snappier. Of course, you can also roll back to a previous Windows 10 version, while waiting for a quick fix for this Creators Update problem.

If you want to recover your previous build, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > click Update and Security.
  2. Choose Recovery > Select Get Started under Go Back > follow the on-screen instructions.

Have you upgraded your PC to Windows 10 Creators Update? Is your computer slower now?


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Hey there
I also installed the Creators Update, and, like most other users, I am also regretting it. So, I roolled back to the previous version. But, I still experience some lag which wasn’t there before the Creators Update. Does anybody know of any solutions to this problem?

I recommend everyone to go back to the previous version of your Windows, I did that and everything is working really well now

My tablet installed the update with no problems and ran fine. I shut it down and the next day when I started it back up an hourglass appeared next to cursor. Sometimes it was on steady and sometimes it was blinking but was always there. My CPU was running at 100% and Defender anto-malware was using 60% of the CPU. I did a number of restarts and other actions. Did a full Defender scan and and even a reset. Still the hourglass and CPU Issues were present. I rolled back to 1607 using a backup flash drive and now all is ok again.

My pc also got really slow after the update, so i decided to do a clean install.
No change, my pc boots​ a lot slower on top of overall drop in performance.

First off, this site really has the most articles related to real worlds problems. Not that it offers a reliable solution though. I have a Clevo P870km-g1 (i7-7700k, 2x GTX 1080 (sli), 32gb 2400mhz ram) which should never experience lag in opening a simple application.

The windows optimization software isn’t going to help much and it shouldn’t be necessary in the first place. Guess we’ll have to wait for two things:
– Microsoft to acknowledge the problem.
– Microsoft to point fingers to other manufacturers.
– Microsoft to deny the problem.
– Microsoft to fix 1% of the problem in their next update.
– A working hack to appear in a forum.
– Microsoft to hack to hack to f*** it up again
– Microsoft to fix the problem (hopefully before 2020)