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3 best system optimization software

Irrespective of how fast your new computer was, it tends to get slower over time. This can be because your hardware is dated and does not meet the requirement for the new software or because the old uncleaned junk is creating conflict with other software.

System Optimization software can help you to deal with the second issue. Be sure that the System Optimization software won’t help to boost the performance of your computer if you are experiencing hard disk and memory issues. That is for the SSD and more RAM sticks to resolve.

However, the system optimization software comes packed with a bunch of tools that allow you to clean your system with one click.

While you can do this work manually using system maintenance tools, these third-party software speeds up the process.

In this article, we take a look at the best software that can help you coordinate the resources on your computer for better optimization.


Optimize and clean your PC for maximum performance


Iolo System Mechanics 

iolo System Optimization Software

  • Price – $39.96

Iolo System Mechanics is one of the most popular PC optimization tools in the market. It scans the system for junk files and other issues that might slow your computer and repairs them with a few clicks.

System Mechanics offers a simple and effective way to perform basic system cleanup. The tool scans the system and suggests the areas where you can free up the disk space as well as remove the old and unused software programs.

Iolo System Mechanics is available in both free and paid version. However, some features are exclusively available in the premium version only.

On the brighter side, Iolo System Mechanics does not come bundled with the bloatware out of the box.

After the installation, the user can select from two modes of the scan, Quick and Deep. The Deep scan check for system vulnerabilities, data sharing services, and the potential for CPU optimization.

Iolo System Mechanics comes with a host of features and depending on the free or premium version in use, the users can make the most out of this tool to keep their PC optimized.

Download Iolo System Mechanics 


Wise Care 365 from WiseCleaner


Wisecleaner system optimization and registry cleaner

  • Price – Pro 35.35$

WiseCleaner is another system security and software optimization software company and offers Wise Care 365. The software cleans your registry and removes junk files from your PCs.

It also comes with features to protect your Privacy and make your PCs more secure.

Wise Care 365 comes in two versions, the standard Wise Care 365 and Pro. The standard version is free and the Pro version costs $36.

The free version of the tool offers one Click PC Checkup, Clean and Speed-up computer, and hardware inventory information.

Most users didn’t know these tricks can speed up Windows substantially.

With the premium version, you get privacy protection feature, Real-time system protection, the auto clean system in Silent Mode, faster boot up speed and free up more disk space features.

The primary task of Wise Care 365 is to remove invalid Windows registry entries. After that, it can easily backup and restore the Windows registry as well, just in case anything goes wrong.

To resolve software issues, Wise Care 365 allows you to clean temporary files, clean browser cache, cookies, and history and also delete useless files created by a third-party application.

You can also use the tool to keep a tab on the background tasks as well as defrag hard disk to resolve hard disk related errors.

Wise Care 365 is an effective tool. However, to make the most out the software you need to buy the premium version that costs more or less equal to Iolo System Mechanic.

Download Wise Care 365


IObit Advanced SystemCare 

IObit system optimization software

  • Price – Pro $19.99

The latest version of IObit Advanced SystemCare tool is familiar in many ways and the latest version comes with some new and improved features.

The software can improve your system’s performance noticeably and the automated cleaning process will relieve you from the regular maintenance task of your PC.

The new version of IObit Advanced SystemCare detects more type of junk files than previous versions. The Pro version comes with an additional set of features including schedule cleaning, internet optimization, and real-time system monitoring system.

The interface of IObit Advanced SystemCare intuitive and comes with decent customization options.

One neat feature offered by the software is the performance widget at the top of your screen which shows the current and RAM and CPU usage in the comments.

Download IObit Advanced SystemCare


So these are the best PC optimization software that can help you to coordinate resources on your computer. Do let us know which optimization software you prefer the most.