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by Elena Constantinescu
Elena Constantinescu
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Accessing your email account using a web browser is the quickest way to reach your inbox and send emergency messages. However, if you have to constantly check your email, it can be a burden to rely on your browser, especially if we’re taking about multiple accounts.

Instead, you can turn to specialized software solutions that you can download on your PC, set up with your email accounts, and use to easily keep track of all content: email clients.

Today, we’re breaking down eM Client to find out why so many people think it’s the best email client for Windows PCs. It’s wrapped in an intuitive interface and supports all major email services and technologies.

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Is eM Client safe?

eM Client is being constantly updated, so you can rest assured that your email client is completely protected against all online email threats.

The software also has a built-in PGP encryption, so you can rest assured that all your emails are visible only to you and the receiving party.

How to download eM Client?

  1. Visit the eM Client website.
  2. Click the Download for free button.
    em client download page
  3. Once the setup file is downloaded, double-click it, and follow the instructions on the screen.

Where does eM Client store emails?

eM Client has its own database on your PC, and it’s located in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client directory.

In there you should find all your settings, emails, and other data.

Does eM Client work on Android?

eM Client is available only on Windows and macOS, meaning that there’s no version for Android or iOS.

How much does eM Client cost?

eM Client comes with two license plans, Free and Pro. The Free version offers basic features, but it lacks features such as Notes, email snoozing, and several others.

Regarding the price, you can get the Pro version of eM Client for 34.95 €.

eM Client offers a sleek user interface and unique set of features that many other email clients lack.

Thanks to its straightforward user interface, it’s perfect for first-time and advanced users alike.

The latest version brought support for email snoozing, notes, and many other features, so if you’re looking for a new email client, give eM Client a try.

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