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Download Express Talk VoIP Softphone for free phone calls

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Express Talk VoIP Softphone is one of the best VoIP apps for Windows 10 that you can use to make calls using the Internet instead of an actual phone.

In addition to obvious benefits like reduced costs, a Voice-over-IP tool can greatly improve businesses, especially those that offer customer support services.

There are several VoIP tools that provide you with many options and configuration settings, and one of them is Express Talk VoIP Softphone. With its help, it’s possible to host and join audio conferences, record calls, and control the program using your voice, among other features.


Our Review

Easy setup wizard and help documentation
Intuitive interface and buttons
Great for small businesses
Free version available to call family and friends
Additional programs offered during setup

Made by NCH Software, Express Talk VoIP Softphone is a software solution that transforms your regular computer into a telephone. You can use it to call your friends, family, customers, team members, or business partners on their computers or mobiles from the comfort of your desktop.

Mostly focusing on small businesses, the VoIP software tool integrates a wide range of tools that can be used in call centers, help desk offices or team meetings, such as call conferencing and recording, call transfers, and push-to-talk intercom.

Express Talk VoIP Softphone system requirements

Before downloading and setting up this VoIP software, make sure that your system meets these requirements:

Express Talk VoIP Softphone editions

The VoIP softphone tool has a free mode that doesn’t include any time limitations. But it lacks certain advanced features and, more importantly, can’t be used in a professional setting. Therefore, it’s dedicated to users who want to call their friends and family.

To unlock all advanced features as well as use the program for business, you can purchase Express Talk Corporate Edition by making a one-time payment or by opting for a quarterly subscription plan.

There’s also a cheaper version called Express Talk Business Edition, which includes all corporate features except for call conferencing and recording. You can get it in exchange for a one-time payment.

Furthermore, you can test all business edition features for 14 days at no cost. You should also know that all paid plans come with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

How to use Express Talk VoIP Softphone

Thanks to the fact that it’s wrapped in a lightweight package, you can swiftly download the setup file to your PC, even on poor Internet connections. After accepting the license terms, though, Express Talk VoIP Softphone offers to install more programs created by NCH Software, which aren’t required for the program to function properly.

Set the talk mode and audio quality

A setup wizard greets you at the initial application launch, where you can select the preferred talk mode and audio quality options, along with the bandwidth type. For example, if you opt for microphone and speakers, then echo cancellation will be enabled.

If you use a headset instead, then echo cancellation remains disabled. There’s also a third option: if you separately purchase an Express USB Phone from NCH Software, you can plug it into your computer and use it with Express Talk.

Configure video phone, microphone, and volume settings

In the following setup wizard stage, you can instruct Express Talk to work as a video phone. It’s possible to choose a video device and configure its settings, make Express Talk a video receiver only, or turn it into a screen capturing utility. Like in the previous setup, you can set bandwidth preferences.

Once you proceed to the next wizard step, you can plug your microphone into the computer and start speaking to test the volume level by consulting a VU meter. Furthermore, you can select the sound record device and audio input channel.

Set the sound output device and use a SIP account

Next, you can select the sound output device and set the playback volume, as well as let other people reach your over the Internet by creating and using a SIP account. When it comes to your SIP options, you can check out a list of free SIP service providers, download another program made by the same developer (Axon PBX), or connect directly through your computer’s IP.

An excellent VoIP softphone solution for small businesses

Taking everything into account, Express Talk turns out to be a great VoIP softphone solution for small businesses. It comes with a lot of practical features for managing call-related tasks within a company, whether you’re trying to communicate with customers, colleagues, or business partners. But it’s also an excellent solution for casual users who want to call their friends or relatives for free.

FAQ: Learn more about Express Talk VoIP Softphone

  • Is Express Talk free softphone for Windows?

Yes, Express Talk is a free softphone for Windows. It’s free to call another PC, but the other computer must also use this program. If you want to call your family or friends, this shouldn’t be an issue since the free version permits home use.

  • Is Express Talk safe?

Express Talk is 100% safe. It’s a legitimate VoIP Softphone made by NCH Software to help you make Internet calls. It’s not infected with malware.

  • What’s the best VoIP software for PC?

Express Talk is among the best VoIP software for Windows PC. However, if you want to check out other applications as well, we suggest getting started with Skype, Viber, and TeamSpeak.

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