3 best VPNs for Stardew Valley to fix lag and lower ping

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  • Stardew Valley is a simulation RPG with an open world, where you can take care of a farm, join a local community, and play with your friends. It's available on many platforms, including Steam.
  • If you're having Stardew Valley lag and can't enjoy the game with your friends in multiplayer mode, use a VPN to speed up your Internet connection. Discover the fastest ones below.
  • Using the effective VPN suggested in this guide, you will positively impact your gaming performance and gain the chance to play without issues.
  • You can test each one of them and decide which suits your gaming needs better, and thus enjoy this relaxing RPG gameplay. 
fix Stardew Valley lag with a VPN

Stardew Valley is a country-life RPG with an open world and no story mode but plenty of unique content. It’s available on Windows (Steam), macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android.

After inheriting your grandfather’s old farm and starting from the ground up, you can work the field using various tools, grow crops, raise animals, improve your skills, and join the local community.

The game has plenty of solo content, and you can also switch to multiplayer mode and invite up to 3 other players to help you build your farm. As such, you can join online sessions and host game servers.

Unfortunately, many players stumble upon Stardew Valley lag when trying to enjoy the game with their friends. If you’re one of them, you can easily reduce high ping and go back to a smooth gaming experience by getting equipped with a powerful VPN app.

Not only can a VPN lower your ping, but it can also protect your online privacy, defend your router from hackers, and provide anti-DDoS protection. However, not all VPNs work best with Stardew Valley, so here are the ones that interest you.

What are the best VPNs to fix Stardew Valley lag?

Private Internet Access

use Private Internet Access to fix Stardew Valley lag

Private Internet Access (PIA) is your best shot to eliminate Stardew Valley lagging, thanks to its blazing-fast VPN servers and superior security features. The virtual private network solution can fix packet loss and enhance your Internet connection speed.

Made by Kape Technologies, PIA is compatible with all popular devices and allows 10 simultaneous connections. It’s the only VPN on this list that supports port forwarding. Plus, it has 24/7 live chat support.

PIA’s key features:

  • +3,300 VPN servers in 47 countries
  • Disable VPN encryption to enhance speed
  • Static and dynamic IP addresses
  • No-logging policy
  • Great for Stardew Valley multiplayer lag
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (no free trial)

Private Internet Access

Easily deal with Stardew Valley lag spikes by relying on this fast and secure VPN solution.

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With NordVPN it’s possible to resolve gaming lag issues and enjoy this relaxing game in your free time without experiencing latency.

Using a VPN tool is beneficial for improving gaming performances, and also protecting your online privacy against cyber attacks.

With secure internet servers worldwide, it’s easy to connect to various locations and have better results in this RPG gameplay.

You can as well profit from double protection and change your IP address twice for increased security. Plus, there is a private DNS and no data leaks for your data.

NordVPN key features:

  • One account for up to 6 devices
  • 5400+ servers across 60 countires
  • Unlimited content on restricted locations
  • Access for content limitations
  • Threat protection for malware or data theft
  • Strict no-log policty


Fully appreciate Stardew Valley without any lag or high ping in the game using this proficient VPN.

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CyberGhost VPN

use CyberGhost VPN to reduce Stardew Valley lag

CyberGhost VPN is a tool that deserves your attention when it comes to fixing Stardew Valley cursor lag and other latency issues. It’s owned by Kape Technologies and can be used to fix Wi-Fi packet loss.

The VPN service can minimize jitter and significantly improve your gaming experience, thanks to its extensive network of VPN servers optimized for streaming, gaming, and torrenting.

You can install it on all popular devices, even if you want to deal with Stardew Valley PS4 lag. It’s the only free VPN on this list and allows up to 7 connections at the same time.

CyberGhost VPN’s key features:

  • +6,400 VPN servers in 89 countries
  • Protects your DNS queries using exclusive DNS servers
  • Create whitelists and blacklists in split tunneling mode
  • Zero-logging policy
  • Works best with Stardew Valley mouse lag
  • 45-day money-back guarantee (1-day free trial)


If your Stardrew Valley ping time is too high, use this reliable VPN app to reduce it easily.

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To conclude, Stardew Valley is a highly entertaining game that can be best enjoyed with your friends. However, if high ping in Stardew Valley is causing hosting issues, use a VPN like Private Internet Access to lower it in no time and fix all latency-related problems.

Your connection is not secure - websites you visit can find out your details:

  • Your IP
  • Your IP Address:

Companies can sell this information, alongside your location and internet provider name, and profit from it by serving targeted ads or monitoring your data usage.

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Private Internet Access, a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you play Stardew Valley on Steam, open the Steam menu, go to Settings > In-Game, and turn on the In-game FPS counter. You can also use tools that display your FPS.

  • The quickest way to fix lag co-op in Stardew Valley is by using a good VPN service like PIA.

  • Yes, you can control time in Stardew Valley by using the TimeSpeed mod.

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