8 best tax software for small tax preparers [2022 Guide]

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  • We congratulate you on being a small-business owner. It's tough, we know. When it comes to taxes, this guide will show you the best available options. 
  • Go through each option and see what fits best. Try any solution before making a decision to be sure. 
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This year is coming to an end, and it’s time to do your business tax return. If you’re a small business or self-employed, you can do your own business taxes using small business tax software.

There are a lot of tax programs for small business out there, and we picked five of the best tools to help you decide easier. Check out their features and functionalities so that you will eventually be able to choose the best tax software for your business needs.

Determining the best tax software for small businesses involves considering a few factors such as the availability of tools that will help you find industry-specific tax deduction for instance.

The type of support provided by the company is also important, and if you have files small-business taxes before, then it’s recommended that to pick a program that allows you to import your previous year’s data.

What is the best business tax software I can use?


Freshbooks comes as a helper to all that is about management. From tracking expenses, sending invoices, tax calculus, tasks tracking and many more just to help you boost your business to new heights.

Check out the best features of Freshbooks:

  • Keep all expenses in one place, add receipts, and add payments straight from bank accounts, all of this to have the most accurate overview of your business finance.
  • Know exactly how much tax you owe right before tax season, and plan in advance targets for the next trimester.
  • Get crystal clear reports on every area of your business with report generation using customizable information and advanced data filters.
  • Generate professional invoices with precise details on costs and send them with just a click.
  • Receive payments faster by providing your client with more options to pay, also, send automated reminders for late payments.
  • Track tasks, projects, and employee time so no billable time is lost.
  • Let clients and contractors see the project progress in real-time, also, access data files, and keep communication at ease.
  • Smart dashboards for a great business overview with specific business health reports on cash flow, profitability, and payments.
  • Stay connected with your business and with your clients at any time with the Freshbooks mobile app.

Freshbooks is an amazing software that simplifies the way finance, bookkeeps, and expenses are managed, all of that in a user-friendly, intuitive manner. Doing your taxes is now as simple as pie.


Your trustful companion when it comes to doing taxes and managing expenses.

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ZoHo Books

ZoHo Books is a cloud-based software that simplifies expense management, helps you track with ease all payments, and increases productivity and efficiency when it comes to doing taxes.

ZoHo brings forward some amazing features such as:

  • Smart tax calculator implemented by tracking every dollar, all expenses, receipts, and bank transactions in one simple place where you can simply access and create reports.
  • Intuitive interface, just give access to your accountant and he will know what to do.
  • Invoice creation takes seconds, with precise estimates of costs, and reminders for late client payments
  • Getting aster payments by offering more options for clients to pay with.
  • Create accurate reports with custom data filtering for better insights, and also get a custom business overview of any information you want to know on the main dashboard.
  • A client portal where you can communicate better with your customers.
  • Time tracking features that maintains an amazing overview over multiple projects, track unbilled hours and create invoices right from projects.
  • Keeping track of inventory levels at all times, setting reorder points and stock replenishes when it gets low.
  • Mobile phone app integration so you can take care of your taxes and business from anywhere.

ZoHo Books, as a financing software was created to increase your business potential. By providing all these awesome features, doing taxes will never be a problem for you. Be sure to see your business grow like never before.

ZoHo Books

Taxes, invoices, payments, unbilled hours tracking, all you need in one accounting software.

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How does Quickbooks help your small business? It can prepare and generate End-of-Year reports. Then you can easily import them into Intuit’s Turbo Tax Software. It can also generate documents specifically for your accountant – in case you have one.

If you do your own taxes, here are the 3 reports that you should generate:

  • Profit & Loss: In the Reports section select Profit & Loss Standard, followed by Company & Financials. Of course, select Last Fiscal Year as a filter and Run the report.
  • Taxes: Select Last Tax Year from the Accountant & Taxes options found in the same Reports section.
  • 1099 Summary: Finally, go to Reports -> Vendors & Payables and click on 1099 Summary.

For the accountant, it’s even easier: From the menu bar, you can select File and then Accounts Copy. Make sure to have the last day of the tax year selected in the Dividing Date control box. Save the file and done.



Easily generate documents needed for tax reporting, see how to save money, and lots more with Quickbooks.

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Intuit Turbo Tax

Intuit Turbo Tax is one of the best overall tax programs for small businesses that you can find out there. This program combines powerful features with an accurate and complex tax filing process.

Check out some of its best features:

  • Intuit Turbo Tax is easy to learn and use, and it comes with an intuitive interface.
  • The program takes you through six tabs Personal Info, Business, Personal, State Taxes, Review, and E-File.
  • The guided filing system makes preparing taxes really easy because the program does the heavy work.
  • This software provides a preview of your expected refund.
  • You will be able to send your returns straight to the IRS via a secure channel.
  • The software includes a guided real estate and rental component.
  • You will be able to prepare taxes for multiple businesses in just one place.
  • Turbo Tax supports direct deposit into your bank account of the refund.
  • It also includes an asset depreciation feature that tracks the depreciation of more significant purchases over the year.

Customer service is really informative and engaged in order to help you better understand the product.

You can get Intuit Turbo Tax from the official website and start doing your taxes right away.

Intuit Turbo Tax

Prepare all your tax files in just one place, with this amazing software. Get the best deal now

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Jackson Hewitt Online

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If you have to file small business taxes, then this is another vendor that’s worth considering. The company provides a Premium package for small business owners.

Check out the most important features that you will be able to benefit from when you get Jackson Hewitt Online:

  • You will obtain access to the Help Me Decide guides which come in handy if you are new to filing taxes.
  • The program also provides excellent deduction discovery tools to help you find every qualifying deduction.
  • When you get Jackson Hewitt Online, you will also get access to unlimited support from tax professionals.
  • The Q&A process makes data entry similar to most competitors’ offerings.
  • Jackson Hewitt Online has a searchable knowledge base.

You can contact tax professionals by email, chat, or phone, and you can also visit one of the retail locations if you prefer live support in person.

Jackson Hewitt Online

Unlimited access to tax professionals and easy-to-use deduction discovery tools that make the filing tax process smooth.

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H&;R Block

H&R Block is another suitable software for small and very small businesses and even for the self-employed. The software provides an easy-to-learn and use platform which is paired with access to personalized attention from the tax professionals working at H&R Block.

Take a look at the most useful features that are included in the program:

  • H&R Block’s interface is highly user-friendly, and this is great because the point of a tax software is to make things easier without having to use an accountant.
  • The filing process is straightforward and incredibly effortless to navigate even for beginners.
  • The primary screen displays a few tabs such as a Welcome Screen, State Taxes, Federal Taxes, Tax Planning, and E-Filing tab.
  • H&R Block is able to import your information from other leading software such as Turbo Tax so that you won’t have to redo everything if you’re coming here from another vendor.
  • The program guides you through the filing process by displaying on-screen prompts.
  • The instructions are effortless to understand and follow.
  • The premium version of this software includes support for itemized deductions, retirement income, investment income, and more.
  • You will be able to send your tax filings straight to the IRS, and the data will be secure and encrypted.
  • The software provides free access to a tax expert and in-person audit support.
  • Reporting assistance is a feature that is available for managing income from retirement assets, home sales, and capital gains.
  • H&R Block lets you archive your documents for later use regardless if it’s for a personal accounting need or for an audit.

H&R Block also provides a maximum refund guarantee, and if another vendor’s program will result in a larger tax refund, H&R Block guarantees to refund the fees you paid them for your tax return.

Get H & R Black


TaxAct is one of the best free tax software for small businesses. The software is excellent for filers with really simple state and federal returns.

Check out the best features that are included in the program:

  • You have to navigate through a few tabs to manually fill out the fields.
  • Filers with complicated tax situations will have to upgrade to the paid version of TaxAct.
  • TaxAct supports e-filling your forms straight with the IRS.
  • The refund status and the amount owned are estimated in real-time while you complete the forms.
  • You can import your previously filed tax data from other vendors.
  • The software provides access to seven years of past tax returns information for free.

All plans under TaxAct will get complete access to tech support, online assistance materials, and customer service.

You can check out more functionalities of this program and get it to start doing your taxes from the TaxAct official website.

Get TaxAct


TaxSlayer online tax preparation program is another excellent software if you have a small business and decide to do your own taxes without the help of an accountant. Check out the best features that are included in this easy-to-use program:

  • The interface is intuitive and effortless to use even for beginners.
  • TaxSlayer offers online tax preparation software for the electronic filing of deferral and state tax returns.
  • The interview-style Q&A is similar to what is available from other tax packages that you can find on the market.
  • The software comes with an online knowledge base.
  • Premium users will be able to submit questions to tax professionals and get priority to tech support.
  • You also can gain access to free live chat.
  • You can also file your taxes on the go.
  • The software provides e-file capabilities for multiple platforms.

Professional representatives are always on standby to help you out with questions and check returns to make sure you get the highest accuracy and the quickest processing.

Overall, the software provides high-quality processing and great online tech support.

Get TaxSLayer

These are some of the best tax programs for small businesses that you’ll be able to find these days, and they all come packed with useful and easy-to-understand and use set of features.

Check them all out and pick the one that seems the best suited for your business needs.

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