What to do if Thunderbird Keeps Asking for Password [SOLVED]

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Thunderbird is among the most popular email clients available for Windows computers. Recently some users have reported that the Thunderbird keeps asking for a password while trying to access their email accounts. However, the matter itself is not with the Thunderbird client but occurs due to an issue with the email service provider or bad Thunderbird configuration.

Some users are quite bothered by the regular password prompts.

Every time i ask mozila to “get messages” or to “send” a message it asks for my password when using my laptop but this doesn’t happen when using my desktop, as far as I can see the settings are the same on both machines, am I missing something ? If anybody can help I would appreciate it.

Read the step-by-step solutions below.

How to fix Thunderbird keeps asking for password?

1. Ask Thunderbird to remember your Password

  1. Launch Thunderbird and login to your Email account.
    Thunderbird Password Remember
  2. In the login screen, make sure to select “Remeber password“ option and click Continue.
  3. Exit and relaunch Thunderbird and check for any improvements.

2. Use the Files Cleaning Programs

  1. Launch Ccleaner and go to the “Custom Clean” tab.
  2. Go to the Applications tab and check the list of browser items to clean under Thunderbird.
    Ccleaner Save Password Thunderbird
  3. Make sure the “Saved password” option is greyed out.

Exit Ccleaner and launch Thunderbird. Check for any improvements.

Alternatively, you can also add Thunderbird to the exception list in CCleaner. Here is how to do it.

  1. Launch Ccleaner and go to the Options tab.
  2. Click and expand the Exclude tab.
  3. Click on the Add button.
    Ccleaner Exclude Add
  4. Select “File” under Exclude and click Browse.
    Ccleaner Exclude File
  5. Navigate to the C: -> Program Files (x86) -> Mozilla Thunderbird and select “Thunderbird.exe”. Thunderbird exclude Ccleaner
  6. Click Open to add the Thunderbird to the exception list.

Reboot the computer and check for any improvements.

3. Remove and Re-add the Account

Remove and Re-add Password

  1. Launch Thunderbird.
  2. Click on Tools and select Options.
    Thunderbird Password Remove
  3. Now, go to the Security tab and then to the Passwords tab.
    Remove Thunderbird password
  4. Click on the “Saved Passwords“ button.
  5. Select your email account with the issue and click on the Remove button.

Exit and relaunch Thunderbird. Enter the password to log in and make sure you check the “Remember password“ option.

If the issue persists, try to remove and re-add the account.

  1. In Thunderbird, go to Tools and select “Account Settings”.
  2. From the right-pane, select the problematic email account.
  3. At the bottom, click on Account Actions and select Remove Account.
  4. Click Yes to continue.
    Thunderbird Remove account
  5. Exit and relaunch Thunderbird.
  6. Again go to Tools > Account Settings.
  7. Click on Account Actions and select “Add Mail Account“.
  8. Enter the email credentials and make sure to check the “Remember password option”.

4. Temporary Issues


If nothing seems working, it could well be just a network-related issue. In the meantime contact your email service provider just in case to know if the issue is from their end.

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