Titanfall 2 Aim Assistance on Windows PC is too slow

Madeleine Dean By: Madeleine Dean
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Titanfall 2 is an impressive game that allows Xbox One and Windows PC users to take part at epic fights against both local alien creatures and human enemies from Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation.

Since the game supports both platforms, one very important feature is Aim Assistance. Many Titanfall 2 players now complain that Aim Assistance  is set too low. Windows PC users who play Titanfall 2 with an Xbox one wireless controller feel that the gamers who use mouse control have the upper hand.

Aim assist was perfectly balanced in Titanfall so controller users could play competitively with Mouse users. […] In Titanfall 2 you have dialed it down so far that it’s not even an enjoyable experience online anymore. Connect any xinput gamepad and join a multiplayer match. Take 6 seconds to turn 360° and another 3 seconds to handle the overcompensation of your turn because aim assist sensitivity is too low.

In other words, using an Xbox One controller while playing Titanfall 2 on Windows PC adds uncontrollable momentum to your controls. What makes gamers more angry is that this issue could easily be solved by setting Aim Assistance to the same levels used for Titanfall. Also, the fact that Respawn Entertainment has yet to issue any comments on this situation makes many players wonder if the company really reads the Titanfall 2 forum threads. The latest game update don’t include any Aim Assistance improvements.

On the other hands, other players say they don’t want Aim Assistance on PC. They suggest that gamers who want to play with an aim-assisted controller because they can’t properly aim, should buy a console instead.



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