Fall Creators Update with a Trend Micro antivirus results in BSoD

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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trend micro BSoD fall creators update

If you use a Trend Micro antivirus and you’re planning to install Windows 10 version 1709 on your computer, you should know that might result in BSoD errors.

More specifically, when attempting to install the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update while running a Trend Micro antivirus tool, the following bluescreen error occurs: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.

Due to this error, the install process fails and Windows 10 rolls back to the previous version (Windows 10 version 1703).

Fix BSoD errors when running outdated Trend Micro security tools

The good news is that the BSoD errors occur only if you’re running an outdated version of a TrendMicro antivirus software. To avoid these errors, you need to first install the latest updates available for your antivirus and only then hit the upgrade button.

Here’s how Microsoft explains this:

If you have an outdated version of a TrendMicro antivirus software installed when you attempt to install the Fall Creators Update, you may receive a bluescreen error, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.

Trend Micro has release updated versions of their antivirus products to resolve this error. To install the Fall Creators Update, please install the latest version of your Trend Micro antivirus. You can find detailed resolution steps at this Trend Micro support site.

Also, keep in mind that installing Windows 10 version 1709 before applying the latest Trend Micro updates may render certain key features of your antivirus inoperable.

fall creators update antivirus

Other Trend Micro tools and the FCU version 1709

For more information on FCU’s compatibility with other Trend Micro‘s solutions, check out the table below:

ProductUpdated VersionNotesPlatformAvailability
OfficeScanXG (12.0)Windows 10 RS3Mid-December
11.0 SP1Windows 10 RS3Mid-December
Deep Security10.0 Update TBDWindows 10 RS3TBA
Windows 10 RS3TBA
Worry-Free Business Security (Standard/Advanced)9.5Windows 10 RS3Mid/Late-November
9.0Windows 10 RS3Mid/Late-December
Worry-Free Business Security Services (Hosted)Latest Version (Hosted)Windows 10 RS3November 18 to Mid-December
Endpoint Encryption6.0 Update 1
  1. In-place upgrade
  2. WSUS
Windows 10 RS3Now
5.0 Patch 4 Update 1Windows 10 RS3Now
Vulnerability Protection2.0Windows 10 RS3TBA
Endpoint Application Control2.0 SP1 Patch 3Windows 10 RS3Mid-December


As you can see, not all Trend Micro security products are fully compatible with the Fall Creators Update. The good news is that the company is working on making them compatible with the latest Windows 10 version and will gradually roll out the updates.

Don’t forget to install the latest Trend Micro updates as soon as they’re available.