Fix: Twitch error code 61d3870c in Xbox

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error code 61d3870c in Xbox
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Twitch is a popular streaming platform for the Xbox users as it allows you to stream live gameplay directly from the console. However, some users have reported a glitch with their Xbox Twitch app. When you try to open the Twitch app and try to sign in you get twitch error code 61d3870c in Xbox. You can find similar issues reported by other issues in the Reddit Community Forums.

Is anyone else experiencing an error when trying to sign in to the Xbox One Twitch App? I keep getting an error: SOMETHING WENT WRONG. We’re so sorry; something unexpected happened. 61D3870C

Follow this troubleshooting guide to fix Twitch error code 61d3870c in Xbox.

How to fix Twitch error code 61d3870c

1. Check for the issues at the Twitch End

Twitch error code 61d3870c

  1. At times the error can occur if the issue from the Twitch’s end. The twitch server might be down and or the app is down for maintenance or due to any other unforeseen reason.
  2. Check if any other users have reported similar issues in the Reddit Community or Twitch Forum. Also, check other console forums and if the users of other consoles like PlayStation are also witnessing similar issues.
  3. If the issue exists on a larger level, it could be an issue at the Twitch end and you can only wait for it to resolve automatically.
  4.  Wait for a day or two before you take try any other troubleshooting guide in case the issue is at the developer’s end.

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2. Disconnect Xbox from Twitch Account

Twitch error code 61d3870c

  1. If the issue persists, try to disconnect and reconnect your Xbox console from the Twitch account. Many users have reported that disconnecting their Console from the Twitch account has resolved the issue.
  2. From the web browser, go to page. 
  3. Now disconnect your Xbox console from the connections page.
  4. After disconnecting the console, reboot the Xbox console (optional).
  5. Now try to connect your Xbox console to the Twitch account again and check if you get 6 digit code instead of the error code 61d3870c.

3. Check your VPN

Twitch Sign in Issue Xbox

  1. Twitch doesn’t like VPN accounts that are suspicious and may terminate or suspend any account that uses those IP addresses.
  2. If you are connected to twitch using a VPN client on your Xbox console.
  3. Turn off the VPN client and then try to connect to the Twitch app again.
  4. If the issue persists, contact twitch’s support. Twitch may ask your provided identification proof to verify the account.

4. Change DNS Settings

Twitch error code 61d3870c

  1. Another simple solution that has worked for other Xbox users with twitch error code 61d3870c is changing the DNS settings on their console. Here is how to do it.
  2. From the Xbox One home screen, go to Settings.
  3. Select Network > Advanced Setting.
  4. Now select DNS Settings > Manual.
  5. Change the Primary and Secondary DNS values with the following values:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
  6. Save the changes.
  7. Reboot the console and try to sign in to the Twitch account.

If nothing seems working try to reset the Xbox console to the factory default by keeping all the games and personal files.


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