An update to Adobe Flash Player is available message [FIX]

by Vladimir Popescu
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  • An update to Adobe Flash Player is available is a fake message so don't act on it.
  • That is because Adobe no longer offers support for this software.
  • You can, however, learn about how to differentiate a legitimate update notice from a fake one.
  • If you still have Flash content on your PC, you can still use a browser with native support.
An update to Adobe Flash Player is available - Laptop on table
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If you noticed a pop-up message saying An update to Adobe Flash Player is available, and you’re not sure if it’s legit or not, you’re not the only one. A great number of users have reported encountering this message.

At first glance, this pop-up seems to be an official Adobe update notice, but not all these pop-ups are what they seem to be.

Because Adobe Flash Player used to be one of the most popular web plug-ins, so people that develop malware are sometimes using this platform as a disguise.

They can send very similar-looking pop-ups to users’ PCs, and once a link is clicked, different types of malware can be installed on the computer.

In today’s day and age, malware attacks on personal PCs have reached an all-time high and this is clearly a case that requires your attention because Adobe pulled their support for the Flash Player from December 31st, 2020.

That means that you can completely exclude the possibility of a legitimate message from Adobe and be on alert because there have also been other attempts from wrongdoers to install malware by using Adobe Flash.

For these reasons, in today’s article, we will discuss some of the best ways to make sure that the Adobe Flash Player update pop-up on your screen is not trying to steal your information. Read on to find out more details.

What to do if An update to Adobe Flash Player message appears?

Adobe will not send any more update notifications to users since the software was discontinued.

However, it is very important to understand some of the differences between the original Adobe installer notice, and other third-party entities who are trying to gain access to your PC.

Here are some of the best markers of a false update pop-up:

  • The installer package is distributed as a ZIP file (and not with the original Adobe format – a DMG image).
  • How it looks – if the installer package is presented to you as a generic orange installer without having the Adobe icons and formats, the text contains typos, or interface elements that are not aligned, etc.
  • If the pop-up appears on your screen while browsing the Internet.

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Note: Because of the skills that malware developers have gained in time, they can now create perfect replicas of the installer. In order to make absolutely sure that your computer will not be hacked, read the next section carefully.

What to do if you see a pop-up that doesn’t seem to be original?

The best way to deal with a situation like this is to always be skeptical of any automatic updates pop-ups that appear on your screen.

If you see a pop-up like the one mentioned above appear, the safest way to deal with the situation is to visit the official Adobe website (or other original software developers) and download the updated version yourself.

Doing this allows you peace of mind that the download you performed is coming from the original creators and not some other third-party malware creators who imitate the installer.

Try using a browser that supports Flash

As we mentioned before, Adobe pulled the plug on its Flash Player so it won’t receive any more updates. However, if you still have Flash content on your PC, you can still open it by using the Opera browser.

This excellent software not only is fast and well adjusted to Windows 10, but it still offers native support for Flash. Moreover, this tool is great for your security because it offers a built-in VPN. And it’s completely free, like the browser itself.

Even though Opera doesn’t come anymore with Flash Player support, you can still enable it in the browser and access websites that still use Flash support.

You should first allow the Flash web plugin to run in the Opera browser. With lots of integrated apps, this browser will surely support such playing content.

On the other hand, you must be aware that very few websites still use Flash support for various content online. According to the Opera forum, the users managed to activate Flash support in the Opera GX browser.


Opera still offers native support for Flash content but it’s also a fast and reliable free browser.

In this article we explored some of the most common differences between original software update pop-ups and fake ones, and also discussed a fail-safe method to deal with this situation.

Please let us know if this guide helped you by using the comment section below.

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