A good example of FIFA 19 occasional shortcomings is a bug that states that An update to this title is required before you can access online features when you try to connect to the online EA servers.

Some gaming enthusiasts have also reported encountering the issue when attempting to access a host of the games online features. We have already covered a myriad of FIFA 19 bugs and their fixes so I will concentrate on the irritating An update to this title is required before FIFA 19 hitch in this article.

The solution is rather simple as you see next.

How to fix the An update to this title is required before FIFA 19 error

  1. Restart your PS4, Xbox, PC, or whatever device you’re playing on. You, of course, just turn it off the device then back on.
  2. After your gaming device boots, start FIFA 19.
  3. It will automatically detect the latest title updates and go ahead to download them. Wait as it updates.
  4. The game will now load seamlessly.
  5. Note that you may have to restart the game in some instance for it to work after the update.
  6. Also, remember to set your device to be automatically updating gaming files to prevent such frustrating errors in the future.

an update to this title is required before fifa 19

There is another workaround for this challenge if you’re using PS4. Clearing your console’s cache is quite forthright

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  1. Start by turning off your console then unplugging it.
  2. After this, wait for about minute to allow the device to ‘forget’ its cache.
  3. Then plug the console back in and finally restart it.

Try to load FIFA 19 and see if you have succeeded in clearing the ‘an update to this title is required before FIFA 19’ error.