Top 3 USB-C Monitors to Buy [Black Friday & Cyber Monday]

Looking for the best USB-C monitor? Now is your chance to score a nice deal

by Sonia Martin
Sonia Martin
Sonia Martin
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USB Type-C technology is a relatively new product on the market since the first version of it was available in mid-2014.

This should make us a little thought because the vast majority of the devices nowadays are equipped with an older generation of USB and it would be hard to suddenly change this.

But the device manufacturers see this new technology as a step forward in product development because it provides a higher transfer rate and can be used also for charging.

The best example is that Intel, the company that laid the foundation for Thunderbolt technology, announced that the new Thunderbolt 3 will come equipped with a port of this kind and this solved the problem of connectivity for Apple monitors.

It is estimated that the new port USB Type C will replace the older generations in the coming years because top developers like Dell, Philips, Acer, and many others have started to create devices that work with this technology.

In this article, we will talk about the best monitors available on the market nowadays that have a USB Type-C port.

Note: All the prices and offers in this article are subject to change, so be sure to check the official product page to get the latest deal. If the product or offer you’re looking for is no longer available, you can try to find it on its official manufacturer page or get another one from our list.

What are the best USB-C monitor Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals?

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LG 27UD88-W 4K USB-C monitor


If you are searching for a monitor compatible with a MacBook, then your options are pretty limited. There are very few manufacturers of displays that have products to satisfy this demand and many of them are not optimized to meet this requirement.

To not lose time and money searching for the ideal product, we recommend a 4K monitor from LG.

LG 27UD88-W is a 27″ display equipped with a USB Type-C port that will allow MacBook users to connect through a single cable. The best part of this monitor is that data transfer and charging are done through the same cable.

This monitor is able to display with a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. For a MacBook owner, the 4K experience has the best performance with a 30 Hz refresh rate, unless you are the owner of a patch for 60 Hz.

➡️ Connectivity is not a problem

If you think that this monitor is constructed to be compatible only with MacBook, well you are wrong.

It is true that the main reason for buying this device is to bind with that kind of laptop, but it can be connected to a wide range of other devices because it comes equipped with an HDMI port, a Display Port, and a pair of USB 3.0 ports. So we can say that the Type C USB port brought him more of a bonus.

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➡️ Attractive design

The display is primarily built with plastic, which is not up to the standards of a Thunderbolt display but gives it a modern and elegant design.

The bezel has 3 sides which have a width of up to half an inch, and the bottom side reaches almost 1 inch. Its outer side is trimmed in an aluminum-look plastic layer which is combining well with the ArcLine curved stand and gives it a high level of stability.

The monitor can be tilted in an arc of -3 up to 20 degrees, and the height can be raised up to 110 mm. Unfortunately, if you want to turn the device, you must move the entire base because it does not have an axis for this operation.

An interesting feature of this display is that you can raise it to the maximum height and you can rotate it 90 degrees clockwise to switch to portrait mode. This is useful for certain games that require this function and also for specialty applications.

➡️ Sound and display

With an IPS display with a resolution of 4K, we expect extraordinary picture quality, which is so because the colors are vibrant, the text is sharp and there is no delay. Monitor also provides a viewing angle of up to 178 degrees.

For the sound chapter, the monitor does not have any built-in speakers but comes equipped with a jack for connecting headphones and a controller for the volume and sound quality playback through an external device.

➡️ Control Interface

The screen control interface will be easily recognizable to users of LG monitors, but that does not mean that other buyers will have problems with its use because it is not much different from another interface of this kind.

It has basic settings such as brightness, contrast, and multiple versions for dividing the screen.

You also have the PBP mode, which allows you to display content from 2 different sources side-by-side. This is a helpful feature for testing and doing different reviews for products that feature an HDMI output.

In conclusion, this model is a viable solution because through a single cable you can connect the laptop to the monitor, change the display and assure data transfer.

The main disadvantage is that the older MacBook models can get refresh rates up to 30 Hz and the 2016 models need a workaround to obtain a refresh rate of 60 Hz. But it is an irrelevant aspect in comparison with all the monitor has to offer.

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Z-Edge U32I4K 32 Inch 4K Monitor

We all know that an auxiliary monitor can increase our productivity in most circumstances, especially if this monitor is easy to connect to any device and has plenty of screen for all your work.

Thanks to HDR10 technology, the monitor delivers vivid image quality, revealing deep blacks and bright whites, making it easy to spot every detail in the darkest and brightest scenes. Total immersion with incredible image accuracy.

The high-end IPS panel built into the monitor greatly expands your viewing angle, offering a 178° panoramic viewing angle, making it easier for you to work and share content. The IPS panel ensures consistent, accurate and vivid colors for videos and images from any viewing angle.

➡️ Design

The stock screen weighs about 800 grams with dimensions of 14.9 x 9.26 x 0.26 inches, much thinner than many displays nowadays. The Plastic metal look from the back of the device makes us think of a premium product.

The front and the sides are made from a thick matte plastic which gives it a modern but elegant aspect.

Under the screen, you can find the buttons for adjusting its settings, the start and stop buttons, and the USB Type-C port an the other ports through which the device is powered and performs the data transfer are on the lower back of the back panel.

➡️ Connectivity is not a problem

If you are using another external monitor, you might have already installed the needed software, so you do not have to install them again.

Once you have ensured that all drivers have been installed, connect the monitor to your computer and it should light up.

Windows users can synchronize and adjust the other existing monitors with the portable monitor by right-clicking on the operating system interface and selecting Screen Resolution.

➡️ High-quality images

The Z-Edge U32I4K can reproduce ultra-high-quality images, the colors are vibrant and the text is sharp and easy to read. All these are possible thanks to the 4K IPS screen which also offers a fairly large viewing angle compared to devices of this kind.

It also comes equipped with different features for a professional rendering of images no matter what activity are you performing.

Even if you surf the internet, play games, or use it for office work, the monitor will give a pleasant experience every time.

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Acer H277HU


Acer H277U is a model that incorporates the quality, appearance, and performance of a single product.

The eye-pleasing brushed-metal stand, zero-frame technology, superior audio quality, and fast transfer rate are the result of a long period of development of a single product to meet the needs of the most exigent users.

➡️ High-performance facilities

The 27 inches monitor has a WQHD resolution of up to 2560 x 1440 pixels with an anti-glare membrane which also provides a surface resistant to dust and fingerprints.

The 3W speakers ensure high-quality sound playback with a minor disadvantage as poor quality of bass, but it is understandable because the system is a built-in monitor.

The stand has a metal polished structure with an anodized surface that cannot be adjusted. The base is also very slim to allow the alignment of multiple monitors without causing space problems.

➡️ Varied connectivity

In the connectivity area, this monitor can be connected to any device due to a large variety of slots. So, if you own a Windows system or a MacBook, you can connect it via a USB Type-C slot for a faster data transfer rate.

If you want to acquire the device for normal use you will be pleased to hear that it comes equipped with two USB 3.1 slots, an HDMI slot, and a DisplayPort slot.

Unfortunately, this display also has no headphone jack and no internet cable slot, so we will consider this a disadvantage.

On the bottom right edge, you can find a set of buttons with which you can start the settings menu and adjust brightness, contrast, color, and even volume.

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