Fix: VPN is not working with Time Warner

Aleksandar Ognjanovic
by Aleksandar Ognjanovic
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vpn not working time warner

Time Warner is one of those polyvalent conglomerates which, besides entertainment and mass media, provides (like Comcast) ISP services. And Time Warner (just like its peers) has a long history of unethical misbehavior towards its respective users, starting from throttling the bandwidth speeds when other media are in use (e.g. Netflix) and reaching to full-blown blockage if you cross a badly-defined legal line of unauthorized usage.

That’s where VPNs come into play and they’re the best way to overcome ISP-imposed limitations. But they won’t work every time or not at all for some users.

In order to resolve issues with VPN and Time Warner, we’ll provide your with a few viable solutions. Of course, these are planned for residential users and not for administrated networks and business. For that, you should contact your network administrator or ISPs tech support. However, even then it’s worth a shot to try the steps below and, hopefully, resolve the issues at hand.

How to fix VPN issues with Time Warner ISP

  1. Check the modem
  2. Update router’s firmware
  3. Change encryption and switch servers
  4. Install proper VPN

1: Check the modem

First things first. Regardless whether you’re a residential or business customer, you can use VPN with Time Warner ISP. However,  residential customers are limited to one IP address when accessing to Time Warner cable content. Also, it’ll be quite hard to utilize VPN to access Time Warner-provided content from abroad.

The service is limited to the United States and quite strict towards the foreign access points. However, if you’re an American citizen and a residential user for that matter, you can access your Time Warner from any eligible city within the States.

With that out of the way, the first thing you should inspect is your ISP-provided equipment. The special focus should be put on the built-in Firewall, which can prevent encrypted connections communicating freely. So, what you’ll need to do is to enable the PPTP protocol in router’s Firewall settings.

While there, you can enable all go-through settings. As some users stated, it’s not advisable to disable Firewall completely, as Time Warner, allegedly, tends to block your outgoing connection.

2: Update router’s firmware

Another thing concerning VPN issues with Time Warner concerns replacement of the router. Namely, the issues for many users emerged after they replaced the current router with the new one. Suddenly, they weren’t able to use the VPN in the same manner like they did before.

This, of course, can be a deliberate way for the ISP to gain more control over your bandwidth traffic with subpar technical improvements.

Luckily, they don’t, officially, disapprove usage of VPN solutions, so you should be good if you update your router’s firmware. The error might as well be in the router’s software.

That worked on many occasions, and it should help relieve you of the problem, as well. However, if issues afterward, you should contact the support and ask for the resolution.

3: Change encryption and switch servers

Now, let’s turn to a possibility that the VPN, actually, the one causing issues with Time Warner ISP. There are two things you can do, ad hoc, and they’re rather simple. Firstly, if you’re experiencing a slow connection while using VPN, make sure to change the encryption.

With mostly all VPN solutions, you can choose between the likes of PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. We recommend OpenVPN encryption protocol, which isn’t as fast as PPTP but it’s much safer to use.

Furthermore, if you use VPN to simply overcome the limitations imposed by the ISP, you can try to switch servers. Sometimes servers get overcrowded. Of course, it depends on what you need. Accessing Time Warner Cable content with an alternative IP address can be an issue.

4: Install proper VPN

Finally, besides the Time Warner and it’s questionable actions (throttling and ‘excessive bandwidth’ limitations) and beyond the general VPN troubleshooting, we must stress the importance of a proper VPN solution.

It all depends on your needs and, truly, you can successfully use more than a few free VPN solutions and enjoy the provided service. However, for the best results, consequently, you should be looking at their premium peers.

The best tools you can use come at a price. Besides the unlimited bandwidth the offer with the reasonably good speeds, they also offer a large number of servers and virtual addresses to mimic your physical IP address. In that manner, you should, with ease, transcend the geo-restrictions and limitations imposed by Time Warner and many other U.S.-based ISPs. And don’t get us started on privacy protection, which is nowadays, endangered like never before.

Concerning the Time Warner ISP itself, they have their way to block various VPN solutions, so choosing the right one is of utmost importance. Here’s the list of VPN solutions we recommend (we’re endorsing some of them, but they’re viable choices nonetheless):

You can try them out on your own and contact their respective support teams to confirm they’re indeed working well with Time Warner ISP.

Make sure to share your experience with other readers and don’t forget to inform us about alternative solutions. We’ll be grateful.