Fix ‘What needs your attention’ errors on Windows 10 v1903

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solve What needs your attention error: Windows 10 version 1903

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Windows 10 version 1903 is the latest update from Microsoft. For the time being, the new OS version is available to the general public as a manual update. However, the update should automatically download on your PC via Windows Update starting June.

The Windows 10 May 2019 Update comes with a new set of features and improvements like a new light theme, recommended troubleshooting can automatically fix common issues,  there is also a new updated Search experience, and many more features.

Many users who tried to install the update encountered the error: What needs your attention: Your PC has a driver or service that isn’t ready for this version of Windows 10.

This error is pretty new and also vague, and it doesn’t mention the specific driver or service that isn’t ready for the update. Despite that, if you’re one of the first “lucky” ones to bump into this issue, we have some solutions for you.

Why is my PC not updating to Windows 10 version 1903? Your update doesn’t work because of the BattlEye folder. Delete it and this should solve the issue. If that doesn’t work, try to upgrade via a ISO image and unplug all the external media devices.

To do that, follow the steps below.

How to fix What needs your attention errors:

  1. Delete the BattlEye folder
  2. Upgrade using a ISO image and no internet
  3. Unplug all the external peripherals/media devices

Solution 1 – Delete the BattlEye folder

The most common fix is to delete the BattlEye folder. It seems like during the development of Windows 19H1 (aka 1903) there were some GSOD errors resulting problems with a number of anti-cheat services, BattlEye being one of them.

Those problems spread around a bit and now are causing the What needs your attention error.

The solution is confirmed by many Windows 10 users and it’s pretty simple. You just have to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files, find the BattlEye folder, and delete it.

After that, the problem should be gone.

Solution 2 – Upgrade using a ISO image and no internet

Along with BattlEye, iTunes and FutureMark could also cause this issue. And that’s not all, because Creative sound adapters and Realtek card readers seem to have the same result.

Some tech savvy users recommend to disconnect your internet and then install the upgrade via a Windows 10 version 1903 ISO image.

Solution 3 – Unplug all the external peripherals/media devices

It seems like another weird issue can trigger the error. If you have an SD card or a USB device plugged in when trying to install version 1903, it may determine inappropriate drive reassignment on Windows 10 computers.

We have to mention that in some cases this is not limited to removable drives and could also apply to internal ones.

To resolve the problem, remove all the external media (USB devices, SD cards, SD card readers, printers, scanners) and then restart the installation of version 1903.

Just to be sure, if you have multiple hard drives or SSD’s, unplug the ones that are not essential and keep only the one on which you install your upgrade. After the upgrade you can plug back in all your external devices.

Another step that you may take is to check the drivers to see if there are any new updates. If there are, install the latest driver updates and then try to do the upgrade.

There’s no need to rush the installation of Windows 10 version 1903 upgrade. But if you’re impatient and want to test out the new features, you can fix potential install issues with one of our solutions.

If you’re interested in solving other Windows 10 v1903 issues, check out our full guides:

Have you succeeded in installing Windows 10 May Update? Did you bump into the What needs your attention error or not? Leave the answers along any other questions in the comments section below.


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