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For some users, downloading and installing the Anniversary Update is quite a challenge: for some, Windows 10 version 1607 isn’t appearing on their update list, others are stuck in endless boot loops, while still others are receiving various error codes.

Even the lucky ones who’ve managed to install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update are encountering many annoying issues: Cortana is missing or remains unresponsive, partitions disappear, and files and folders are nowhere to be found.

There are also very unfortunate users who cannot user their computers at all after installing the Anniversary Update. Soon after they start their computer, Windows freezes and displays the message “Microsoft Windows is not responding”.

Users report PCs freeze after installing Window 10 version 1607

Just updated my primary desktop. Everything went fine, no problems, but my whole system freezes after startup. After logging in everything works for like 20secs. After that if I only mouse over the Start area, taskbar, the black part simply, it freezes and I get a message that Microsoft Windows is not responding. After a couple of ninja startups and restarts I disabled every 3rd party program starting with windows. So it’s not that.

For the time being, Microsoft has yet to officially acknowledge the bug hence there is no official solution available. Users have already contacted Microsoft’s Chat Support, and judging by Support engineer feedback, it appears the tech giant wasn’t at all aware of these Windows freezes.

The Windows community suggested a series of workarounds, but no definite solution is available yet.

To all affected people, we haven’t yet found a definite solution, so the only option to get a working PC at the moment is to roll back to a previous build in case you updated.

We’ll keep on searching for a solution as well because one of our computers is also plagued by random Windows freezes. We are a bit luckier as the freezes occur only four or five times a day, which means we can still use the computer unlike other, more unfortunate users.



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