Plenty of Windows 10 build 14316 issues being reported by Insiders

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Microsoft released the new build 14316 for Windows 10 Preview a couple of days ago, and it brought a lot of improvements, additions, and new features. Like every new build, though, t looks like it also caused a lot of problems for the Insiders who installed it.

As usual, Microsoft told us both which issues were addressed and which new ones were created, but users are encountering many more problems than Microsoft originally mentioned. For the past couple of builds, the number of issues reported by users is relatively high, which is not good especially if Microsoft wants to keep as many insiders in the Insider program as possible.

Check out the list of issues reported by users in Windows 10 Preview build 14316 below.

Windows 10 Preview build 14316 reported problems

We will start off with our old friend: the update installation failure, present in the previous 14295 build along with the 14291 and 14279 builds — pretty much all the build releases. We can’t recall if there had been a single build released since the introduction of Windows 10 Preview that hasn’t caused installation problems for at least a few users. Build 14316 is of course not different, as some users reported on the Community forums that they’re unable to download and install the latest build.

“The last 3 updates on the windows 10 insider program have all failed with similar messages to this one. Windows 10 Insider Preview 14316 – Error 0x80070005. I’m beginning to wonder if Microsoft has forgotten how to write their own software.”

By now, you can guess how helpful Microsoft engineers were with regards to this problem, so users who encountered it again basically can’t do anything to solve the problem. We can recommend you to try running the WUReset script  like wealways always have, but we can’t guarantee it will work.

Those who were able to install the build encounter problems of their own. One user reported on the forums that upon installing build 14316, he got caught in a continuous reboot loop. Reportedly, everything worked fine, than the computer just started to restart by itself. Other users and Microsoft engineers tried to help him, but without any luck.

“Hello, I installed Windows 10 Insider Preview 14316 and got caught in a continuous reboot loop. All the applications I’ve tried work fine but the system reboots after 10- 20 minutes from booting up. In fact, I just noticed that the system reboots even when I’m not logged in. Is this common with this build? What should I do from here?”

constant reboot windows 10 buld 14316

If you too encountered this problem, you can try solutions listed in our article about constant reboot problem in Windows 10. While we hope it will be helpful for you, once again, we can’t guarantee anything.

I can confirm that unlike in the previous two builds, the sfc/scannow command now works fine for me, so it seems Microsoft finally fixed this issue (If it’s different for you, please let us know in the comments). But users reported that another diagnostics command doesn’t work in the latest build. Namely, the dism.exe command in the Command Prompt doesn’t work in this build.

“I try to repair build cos some problems and “dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth” said that “The component store is repairable”, but after that I’ve run “dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth” and 1st time stuck at 4,5% with Error: 1726, than I’ve run for the 2nd time but it stuck at 93,1% with the sameError: 1726.”

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for Microsoft to fix this issue as we don’t have the proper solution. This is probably the similar case as with the sfc/scannow command in previous builds.

dism.exe command doesnt work windows 10 build 14316

We continue our report with crashing problems in Windows 10 Preview after installing the latest build. One user said on the Microsoft Community forum that her system simply crashes without any reason. “Build 14316.rs1 keeps crashing with ‘fault on non-paged area. The system just randomly crashes and restarts.” Do you have any idea what might fix this issue?

Microsoft introduced Bash on Ubuntu for Windows 10 with the latest Preview build, which is a welcom feature. However, some users reported that they’re unable to install Bash, as they encountered the “Downloading from the Windows Store… 0%Error: 0x800c0008″ error.

Luckily, users who reported the issue found the solution by himself. So, if you’re also encountering a problem with installing Bash on your Windows 10 Preview, try the following:

  1. Go to Search, type internet options, and open Internet Options
  2. Go to Advanced tab, and click on Restore Advanced settings
  3. Click OK
  4. Open the Command Prompt, and try to install Bash again.bash windows 10 problem

Restoring Advanced internet setting should solve the problem with installing Bash, so we don’t consider this problem a serious issue.

One user also complained that he wasn’t able to perform some basic actions, like updating drivers and syncing files to OneDrive, upon installing the build. He said that every time he tried to perform a certain action, he received a ‘critical error’.

“After Build 14316 install finished today, I tried to: Install latest ASUS Smart Gesture touchpad software; Pick & sync my files, folders to Onedrive; Clicking link to Microsoft help provided in “Feedback Hub” app on Developer mode problem. In all three instances my ASUS K-55A laptop went to Critical error message & rebooted.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t receive a single response on Microsoft’s forum, so we’re not sure what can be done to fix this issue.

BSODs are a common thing in Windows 10 Preview, and it looks like build 14316 isn’t an exception. One user reported on the Community forum that he receives a “DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE” error, followed by the BSOD, on his Surface Pro 4.

“It’s seems like this was an issue in builds early last year, but I’m getting in the latest build 14316 on my Surface Pro 4. My computer crashes to a BSOD using within the first few minutes after I have logged in.  It’s possible that either Skype or Skype for Business is a contributor to the problem, but obviously a drive is involved as well.”

For BSOD issues caused by the “DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE” error, we recommend our article about it. So, if you’re also facing the same problem, check out the suggestions from the article and you might find a solution. Make sure to let us know in the comments if you managed to solve the problem.

DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE windows 10 preview 14316

These are the most serious problems in build 14316 reported by users. As the build is just a few days old, we’ll check again for the new issues soon, and we’ll update this article if new problems are reported.

If you’ve encountered any of your own issues that we didn’t include in this article, please let us know in the comment so we can mention it here.

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I’ve been running insiders / betas since the beginning. This last release was the first one I’ve had trouble with. My first pursuit when troubleshooting is third party products. And (in my case) Norton Security created my “idle crashes”. Current Norton Security isn’t compatible with 14316. Otherwise…. it’s running great. All my other products work as well and my VMWare with multiple OS’s as well as my multiple boot are working great! Anytime Norton Security tries to scan it will immediately crash windows (

I got “missing: ms-settings” error coupled With no administrator rights on my administrator user. Left my desktop totally useless. Reinstalled Windows stable build and tried again With the same result.

14316 loaded, but will not activate. Also, any attempt to reverse or even back completely out of insider preview results in a continual loop with no ability to get out. Still waiting for someone to provide advice.

I get a BSOD whenever Norton attempts to run a scan. If I enable screen saver (using ATI’s latest driver) the system randomly resets with no BSOD. All my Office 2013 Outlook contacts and Wiindows contacts were erased on installation of this build. I get a random system restart if I leave the system idle too long.

webcam not working on oovoo it works fine in the camera app and skype but nothing in oovoo i think its a windows 10 14316 problem

It seems there is an issue with 14316 and Symantec AV that is causing blue screens when the PC is left unattended for some length of time.

The key here is the reference to the file EraserUtilRebootDrv.sys.

Ever since insider build 14279, I cannot for the life of me reboot back into the OS. Upon my startup splash screen, those rotating dots do not appear, it just hangs! Is it just me???? This happenes for both Windows update & a Rufus made bootable usb

I had an issue yesterday that the One Drive couldn’t be found after the computer was turned on….had to reintroduce it to my comp. Doesn’t appear if any files were lost though….

That restore advanced settings trick did not do anything for me. I still cannot install bash. I have tried with all users on my machine. Still getting0%Error: 0x800c0008″ error.

I have an older Asus motherboard running a 3770K andfor some strange reason in this build my internet just doesn’t work. Ethernet is reading that they are plugged in with no errors on the driver side. None of the Browsers worked, Windows Store won’t load content, Maps couldn’t find my location etc. I am having to use my MAC while I restore previous build. Thank goodness for back-up machine.

My Gigabyte P35x laptop has the same issue: in fact I’ve had it for the last 3 builds. Ethernet seems fine, pinging and using nslookup from an elevated command prompt work; The network troubleshooter says that all is okay; there’s nothing untoward in the event logs. Anything that requires a network connection doesn’t work: browsers, cloud sync apps (local network and remote), remote desktop, team viewer, steam, etc. etc. Luckily reverting to my stable build 10586 takes no time at all and everything works.From having all my PCs on the fast ring, I now have only one, which I use as a mail client only; everything else is off the Insider program altogether. I wonder what percentage of Insiders are giving up on the program because of recent instability?

I have exactly the same problem since build 14291. Every time, I have to revert to build 10586. I have installed a second Windows 10 on another drive. For that, I have used a 14295 ISO. Installation was fine with internet working. But as soon as I updated to build 14316, Internet was not working any more and I could not access to my network. Curiously, updating to build to build 14316 added six entries for WAN miniport in Device Manager. When I revert to build 10586, these entries disappear. For information, my Motherboard is an Asus Maximus VIII Extreme with chipset Z170. Wifi is deactivated in the BIOS. I have a LAN connection with a RT1900ac Synology router.

The main problem is regarding the Kaspersky internet security 2016 which once again has gone to offline. They had reported before of a driver bug which caused the issue, now what is the problem. Even my Microsoft office 2010 not working, infact from 3 builds and no fixes yet. What can I do now to run my office 2010.

I had some of these issues, especially the driver failure. I can’t really explain why but turning of “Fast Startup ” in the power settings and running a disk clean up to clear out the system files section like update / installation files and logs etc and some of it straightened out.