Windows 10/11 Calendar to get improved search function

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Windows 10 Calendar is getting a search upgrade.
  • Microsoft is also working on other Calendar improvements, including new themes.
  • Our Windows 10 Calendar section covers news and updates to the handy appointments and schedule management tool. Be sure to check it out!
  • To have a trouble-free experience with Windows 10 apps, visit the Apps page for tips and guides.
Windows 10 Calendar updates

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What a mess your life would be, at home or in the workplace, without a digital calendar! The utility comes in handy in the management of your tasks, appointments, or assignments.

In fact, there’s hardly a productivity or collaborative tool that doesn’t require calendar integration if it doesn’t offer the tool out of the box.

For desktop users, Windows 10 Calendar proves its value in the management of schedules, including meetings, and much more. And now the app is currently undergoing a transformation that will give it improved features, for example, a better search experience.

According to a Tweet by Alumia_Italia, an improved search is one of the new features that Microsoft is developing for the Windows 10 Calendar app.

The function, which is currently in preview, looks much better in the GIF that Alumia_Italia shared.

To search any event on your Calendar, simply type it in the search box to yield a list of events. You may then click on any of the items in your search results to view additional details.

A while back, Microsoft announced that it would overhaul the entire Calendar experience on Windows 10. Also, the company revealed multiple features it would be adding to the app each month.

We’re updating the Calendar app for Windows 10 with improved features, new themes, and a cleaner interface that’s easier to use. The Calendar preview is an early look at this update. It will initially include a subset of the features currently available in Calendar today, and we’ll be adding more features each month.

Besides an improved search feature, the Calendar app is getting 34 new themes and a better month view. Microsoft is also redesigning account navigation and offering a better way to add events.

All these features are currently undergoing beta testing though.

Are you excited about the upcoming Windows 10 Calendar feature improvements? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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