What to do if my Windows doesn’t have BitLocker feature

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my windows doesnt have bitlocker

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BitLocker is a vital component on Windows for some users, allowing them to encrypt their partitions. However, this feature isn’t available on all Windows iterations and editions. Basically, that’s the probable reason why you don’t have BitLocker on your Windows edition. However, if you deem it necessary, we have a few things to suggest.

Windows 10 versions (editions) that have the built-in BitLocker are Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 10 Education. And if you’re unsure how to find which edition you run on your PC, navigate to Settings > System > About and scroll down. You should be able to see the exact edition and iteration of Windows 10 there.

Why my Windows 10 doesn’t have BitLocker?

1. Upgrade your Windows OS

  1. On your taskbar, right-click on the Action Centre.open action center my windows doesnt have bitlocker
  2. Choose All Settingsall settings action center my windows doesnt have bitlocker
  3. Click on Update & Security.choose Update & security my windows doesnt have bitlocker
  4. Now, Click Activation.activation check my windows doesnt have bitlocker
  5. Click Go to Microsoft Store.navigate to microsoft store my windows doesnt have bitlocker
  6. Buy Windows 10 Pro Package at $99.00
  7. Restart your PC afterward.

2. Use BitLocker Alternative

  1. Launch your favorite web browser
  2. Now, download and install any BitLocker alternative on your PC. Some of the recommend 3rd-party alternatives are Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere, VeraCrypt, DiskCryptor, AxCrypt, EncFS.Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere my windows doesnt have bitlocker
  3. Double-click on the executable file and follow the prompts to install the program.
  4. Now, use the newly installed program to encrypt your drive.

With those steps, we can conclude this article. Whether you choose to upgrade Windows 10 to a more advanced option or decide for third-party software, it’s your choice. We suggest the latter option as there are much more advanced tools then the built-in encryption tool that comes with the system. Albeit, BitLocker is not all that bad.

Tell us in the comments section below about your choice.



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