Windows 10 cumulative updates KB3147461, KB3147458 issues already being reported

by Ivan Jenic
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We received two new cumulative updates, KB3147461 and KB3147458, for both public versions of Windows 10 (the July 2015 release and Version 1511) this week. Although both updates were minor and devoid of any new features, they actually caused some serious problems to users who installed it.

Various complaints flooded Microsoft forums recently, with a lot of unsatisfied users demanding solutions from Microsoft, with the company finally taking a look at the problems reported by users: forum moderator John W started a thread in which people could report their issues.

Will Microsoft listen to user feedback? We’ll see, but until then, let’s check out the biggest problems that occurred upon the release of KB3147461 and KB3147458 updates.

KB3147461 and KB3147458 updates reported problems

The most common problem of both the Windows 10 updates is the installation problem — we probably don’t even have to tell you about it at this point. As you can guess, some users had problems installing the latest update. Forum moderators suggested Windows update troubleshooter as the solution, and it was actually helpful to some users. To run the troubleshooter, do the following:

  1. Go to Search, type troubleshooter and open Troubleshooting
  2. Select View All from the left pane
  3. Open Windows Update troubleshooter, and follow further instructionswindows update troubleshooter
  4. Restart your computer, and try to install the update once again

If Windows Update troubleshooter doesn’t get the job done, you can look up for the solution in our article about Windows 10 update problems, or run the WUReset script.

One user reported quite a serious problem that occurred upon installing the KB3147458 update for Windows 10. Namely, after he installed the update, Windows Explorer, Start Menu, and all non-Win32 apps stopped working.

“After installing KB3147461 today, Explorer, the Start Menu, my desktop, and all my non-Win32 apps broke.

Here are the problems:

  • Clicking the start menu does nothing. Pushing the Windows key does nothing.
  • Clicking the search icon on the taskbar does nothing.
  • Clicking the show desktop button on the taskbar does nothing.
  • Trying to open Calculator gives an error: “Explorer.EXE Class not registered”. The Calculator icon on my taskbar does not render.
  • Trying to open Control Panel via Run gives an error: “::{26EE0668-A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064C98683} No such interface supported”
  • Trying to open folders via Run gives an error: “[File path here] No such interface supported”
  • shellexperiencehost.exe does not run
  • Windows Photo Viewer does not open. Thumbnails for images on the desktop do not render.”

No one from the forums had a proper solution for this problem. Since the update caused too much damage, probably the best solution would be to uninstall it and wait for another update. Since Windows 10 updates are cumulative, you’ll get all bug fixes and improvements from this update in the next release.

Another user reported that upon installing the update, he’s unable to log back into his computer whenever his computer goes to sleep:

“Since the update KB3147458, whenever my computer goes to sleep I am unable to login again. This is only since the update and has never occurred before.”

For this problem, we recommend our article about Login problems in Windows 10 — a possible solution may be found there.

Another reported problem is the issue with internet connection, with one user experiencing internet connection loss: “I installed updates earlier today and internet connectivity kept dropping out. When I ran troubleshooter it said that one or more protocols were missing. Since uninstalling the problem has stopped.”

For this problem, we also recommend our article about internet connection problems in Windows 10. The user who reported the issue said that uninstalling the update solved the problem for him, so keep that in mind.

There are some minor problems caused by the update, as well. For example, one user complained on the Microsoft forums that he’s unable to drag and drop files into Outlook 2016 app. Unfortunately, no one from the forums had a proper solution for this issue.

As you can see, even minor cumulative updates for Windows 10 can cause a lot of problems to users. These are just some of the reported problems, and we’re sure that even more issues caused by KB3147461 and KB3147458 are frustrating users right now.

If you encountered any problems we haven’t listed here, please let us know in the comments below!


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