Windows 10 KB3201845 brings a lot of issues, makes computers unusable

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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It appears that the latest Windows 10 update, KB3201845 causes more issues than it fixes. This update includes quality improvements for Windows 10 Version 1607, but doesn’t bring any new operating system features.

More specifically, KB3201845 brings 11 bug fixes, ranging from excessive battery drain issues to Windows Explorer bugs. However, judging by the users’ reports, this update is causing a bevy of issues.

Windows 10 KB3201845 reported bugs

1. First of all, many users can’t install KB3201845 on their computers. Taking into account all the issues caused by this update, this may actually be a blessing in disguise.

I have tried to install the Cumulative Update KB3201845 (Windows 10 – 64Bit), three times now because after each successive Restart, it starts to install the updates but then fails with a message about not being able to complete and is undoing (probably what it did manage to install), before booting into Windows as normal.

2.  Users also report that KB3201845 causes unending restarts loops, preventing them from actually using their computers. Users tried to solve this problem using Windows 10 USB boot drives, but to no avail. The System Restore option won’t work.

After the update, which downloaded and apparently installed, and the computer was restarted, it did not restart correctly at all. It has gone into a seemingly unending loop, with alternating BSOD screens of INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE and WDF VIOLATION. Before the update, my computer was working normally, with no problems.

3. Apparently, KB3201845 also breaks all the Google products installed on users’ computers. Google Chrome won’t work, Google Calendar is unresponsive and uninstalling the update doesn’t help.

Installed KB3201845.  Now nothing “Google” works.  Not Chrome. Not Google Calendar. I uninstalled the update, but still have the same problem. HELP!

Moreover, some Windows 10 apps and programs are also affected by these issues. Microsoft Edge and the Settings page cannot be opened. Also, the process “Service Host: DCOM Server Process Launcher” causes high CPU usage.

4. Unfortunately, the list of KB3201845-caused issues doesn’t end here. Windows 10 users also report that the Bluetooth controls are missing and Bluetooth stopped working, there is no Bluetooth adaptor in Device Manager, and they can no longer turn Airplane Mode on or off.

Some voices say that KB3201845 is the culprit for all the recent Internet connection problems in Windows 10. Actually, users started complaining about Internet connection bugs a couple of days before Microsoft pushed KB3201845 to all Windows 10 users.

As you can see, KB3201845 is causing quite a significant number of issues, and uninstalling the update doesn’t solve the problem. If you’ve encountered other issues than the ones listed above, use the comments section below to tell us more about your experience.

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I don’t which update I did ,after that update my pc Wi – Fi is working properly its disconnects in few minutes. I tried every method told by Technical support but it is not working.

Am at a loss to understand why a few people are having these problems. My 3 computers updated and are working fine. I think it may say more about the hardware rather than microsoft. No other explanation really.

When you have a $2,000 computer that you built, with high end components its not just “the hardware”. It is really all windows 10.

MSI Pro Gaming Carbon MoBo
MSI Gtx 970 Limited Edition GPU
AMD FX 8320 CPU @ 4.5 GHz
32 GB HyperX 2166 RAM
750Watt EVGA 80+ Gold PSU
1x 480 GB PNY SSD
1x 240 GB SanDisk SSD
1x 1TB WD Blue HDD

and to top it off its liquid cooled.

I appreciate how you must be as bit pissed off Branden but i am still convinced it is hardware/driver problems on those that have had difficulty’s with Windows 10. As i have previously said i have updated my 3 and at least about 20 odd others for friends and family and have never had any problems at at. I know people don’t want to hear it but it isn’t Microsofts problem if drivers etc have problems but the manufacturer of the hardware who’s responsibility it is to sort it out. They have to comply with the Windows 10 system and not the other way around. Just looking on your spec though why have two different makes of SSD? surely that is asking for problems the more components compatable the better eh?

Two ssd’s one is just a boot drive the other is where I store all the games and the HDD is for mass storage of media files.

The issue (or lack of one) is with Intel based PCs. They are seeming to have less issues with the update than AMD based ones. I own a custom PC business and already 70% of the customers computers that I have built using a variety of parts from different manufacturers are calling me asking why there computer I built them a little while ago is now all of a sudden slow.

I have people bring in their computers to me almost every day complaining of a slow down with the latest update. Laptops and desktops alike.

It isn’t a driver issue, as the drivers themselves haven’t changed from the last update to this one. It is solely a software (Windows 10) issue. Microsoft themselves have admitted this and are “working on a solution as fast as possible”.

i tend to agree with you Ray that it does seem to be only a few manufactures that seem to be having these problems.My laptop is a few years old HP and have never had problems, HP’s do seem to very robust as are my Acer desktops.

Never trust the chinese eh lol. One of my clients had a Lenova running Win7 and she was always having funnies with it. Does make you wonder though.

What a utter F up this update is!! Just in the last hour I’ve had two internet freeze ups where I had to reboot the system to get it back. And in games it lags so bad it freezes and I keep getting DC’s. WTF is Microsoft doing?! Do they even test these updates or are they insourcing a bunch of fking morons to run this??? I really don’t know wth to do at this point. But I am one SERIOUSLY pissed off consumer here and they best get there sh@% in order!

my computer is running really slow. Windows media player wont work right. I mean, I have 3 SSD’s, an overclocked 8 core processor, a GTX 970 GPU and 32 GB of ram. My computer should not and has never run this slow in its life

My PC bluescreened 6 times yesterday after installing the update. Uninstalled the update, and no problems now. Glad to see MS is still using its customers as beta testers!

I’m just adding a “me too”. Both my desktop and laptop are showing constant 100% disk activity for the boot drives since the update and are slow to execute programs. By “constant” I mean without any respite despite having the machines switched on for several hours. I shudder to think what all the disk-writing is doing to the SSD!

Applied Patch Tuesday (13 Dec) updates on desktop and laptop today. Disc usage issues appear to have been resolved. Don’t know if Patch Tuesday cured the problem or if the problem just resolved itself. Now have a usable system and can get back to content creation.

Had a BSOD on my machine, I use RollBack Rx on my machine so I just rolled back but it’s still pretty crazy. You’d think MS would test this more internally first.

I had various BSD’s, computer was unusable. After BIOS update to the latest available version everything worked fine again.

BIOS updates should NOT be a necessary requirement just to get a Microsoft Windows update installed. Just think of the millions of Users that already have perfectly working PC’s and are not particularly interested in the intricacies of such as things. You can’t expect them to start updating BIOS Lol. I very much doubt your BIOS was affected by KB3201845 Cumulative Update. Other things were at play here on your system.

Update was installed without any problems before BIOS update, but it created the problems by itself. And this is probably due to the Windows hybrid kernel that runs kernel code like drivers in user space.

Updated yesterday. Today my Kyocera printer won’t print. Drivers etc all checked by remote techs guy. Waiting on engineer…..chaos on busiest week if the year! Can even take it back and re boot as in other progs. Hate windows 10!

I updated it last night and since then the start menu and cortana would not open. It’s frustrating ’cause I can’t access to any other apps! Not to mention, the settings app won’t open, either..

In addition to the google problems, which are maddening, the start menu opens some times, but not others. I’ve had to do a hard shutdown to restart when the start menu does not open. The message icon will not open to show messages. The task manager also sometimes will not open. The message I get when I open Firefox telling me that X% fewer errors with Edge is completely unwanted, but unfortunately works. My entire system opens much more slowly than before this update. And I can’t uninstall the update and get rid of these issues? They must be laughing their cumulative butts off at the Microsoft Campus for this wonderful Xmas present. I’d have preferred a bucket of coals.

You and me both, friend. I have never had any major issues with any Windows updates until now. I always run very fast, very clean systems and I am an experienced power user. To make issues worse, this is on a powerful 6700K SLI build with a clean install of Windows 10 Pro performed less than a week ago.

I addition to the issues you mentioned, I am getting an occasional random reboot as well. Also, I was cleaning up my downloads folder after the update and it was taking an excruciatingly long time to send the files to the recycle bin. Did a test by opening Word 2016 and saved a quick document to my desktop. Not only did it take a few seconds for the saved Word doc to show up on the desktop but it took a good thirty seconds to send it to the recycle bin. Word would also occasionally lock up and require its process to be killed. Stranger still, it doesn’t always do this – sometimes it behaves like a junker Atom-powered laptop, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Regardless, this PC had absolutely zero issues until this cumulative update was applied. I’m debating on doing yet another clean install of Windows 10 or if I should wait until a new update is issued that (hopefully) remedies this issue. I’m hoping Microsoft fast-tracks an update, because I would hate to have to wait a month for the next “Update Tuesday” to see if these bugs have been addressed.

Whether this was an early release but this update Tuesday should be on the 13th so whether another is in the immediate pipeline? have to wait and see?

As of time of writing there appears to be another update namely KB3206632 so whether this will fix the problems of those who have had problems i don’t know but lets hope it does.

There is another update available now, KB3206632. I am about to install it. I had zero issues with KB3201845, so I won’t be able to tell you if it is a fix or not.

Hi robwin18, my PC automatically installed KB3201845 on 10/12/16 (2 days ago) and everything is running perfectly. However, there is another update ready to install today, KB3206632, maybe that is to fix the issues some had from KB3201845?

Hi Brian, yeah i have had all recent updates installed ok and PC’s & laptops running fine. Like you i have never had any problems with Win10 updates and have never really understood why some have.

Try and hang on for a fix. That’s what I’m going to do. Apparently, Patch Tuesday is every month so the next one should be due tomorrow, Tuesday 13th. Unless we all got it early last Friday and this was the one that’s causing us problems. Re-instaling Windows 10 from my retail USB is no problem but it’s the dreaded 1607 Anniversary part of it I dread because that’s the bit I’ve got to download again and install then then add the latest Cumulative updates after that.

So what should we do? Those of us that are having problems? Should we wait for a fix? I’ve tried everything I can think of.
I’ve even deleted the update from the Software Distribution/Download folder and even the files in the Software Distribution/Data Storage folder to force the update to download again from scratch. It does start to download but it’s over too quick, meaning it seems to know that the download is already on my PC but if that’s the case, where is it then? I’ve emptied the files from the Windows/Software Distribution/Download folder as already said.

I even manually downloaded this Cumulative update from Windows Catalogue. Download was fine but it’s always the same, after the restart, a message pops up saying cannot install some updates and rolls back before rebooting back into Windows.

sfc /scannow passes with no errors to integrity of system files although the inbuilt Windows Troubleshooter did find four errors but fixed them. Still this update fails to install.

I’ve been at this since Friday 09th December so all weekend. I’m at a loss. My PC which is a gaming PC has Windows on it’s very own exclusive SSD and is always clean and up-to-date but this latest update is a weird one!

I have problem #3…

Is there a way to fix this problem??? I can’t even check for updates because my settings app won’t open.

I tried to uninstall the update but the problem is still there.

Please help

This update breaks DirectX 12 at least for Rise Of The Tomb Raider and 3DMark Time Spy benchmark (These are my only applcations that use DirectX 12, so it is likely that any DirectX 12 app is broken). Uninstalling the update fixes this problem but the update keeps being reinstalled.

I have Asus G751vy. the update installed fine, but after reboot constant 100% SSD usage, Windows Update wont find updates,constantly showing searching for updates, VLC when starting playback just crashes, all ASUS apps like Smart Gesture,Sonic Studio are opening like an hour or more and then are completly unresponsive. Edge when opening page will show no response, load the page and than crash. Windows Update just found updates and is trying to download update KB3201845 again but stuck at 0%,although it is showing it has successfully installed it on 11.12.2016. WTF?

Hi Sebastian, have you found a solution for the Asus Smart Gesture issue ? Like you Smart Gesture took very long time to response so I reinstalled it and now it simply doesn’t work anymore. Microsoft and Asus don’t communicate about it. It seems we have to fix it by ourselves

during the restart of the computer after the dec 9 update, the computer screen flashed, full black, desktop, full black, desktop as each icon appeared. now that is finished, I can not access the start menu or the display properties. on trying to see the properties for the display it comes up with a message after 60 second that it can not find a program to run ms_setting:display.
my machine is a Gigabyte motherboard, intel I7 processor using the sound and video on the mother board. I also have raid 1 active on 2 ssd drives and two 1tb hard drives

When I go back to the restore point prior to the install everything is working fine.

Microsoft won’t get away with releasing this type of buggy updates forever. Now I can’t shut down my Surface till a new update arrives

Have now updated my 2 pc’s and 1 laptop and not had any problems at all and all running perfectly ok.
Just don’t understand why some are having problems?
Whether its a faulty download perhaps but god knows why.
Whether you download KB3201845 again from Microsoft and reinstall?

installed two days ago – didn’t have any problems except disc running on 100% constantly. it is caused by “WRP”, which files can be found in windows temp folder (c:windowstemp..) you cannot delete those (2) files unless you run cmd AS ADMIN and then cancel this process by typing “WPR -cancel” after some time the process will eventually stop and your disc usage will come back to healthy numbers. After this is done, you should be able to delete above mentioned files if they didn’t delete themselves already after cmd command. BTW for those having SSD – you might not feel the difference, but those with HDD definitelly will, so I suggest you check it out just in case.

Well just installed update KB3201845 today,Dec 11th, and don’t appear to be having any problems.
No rebooting loop,Google seems to work ok.

Please, do NOT install this update! It has occured a serious problem on my pc. After instaling this update, my hdd usage has always been 100% and has never gone down. That’s why i couldn’t uses my pc since updated. My computer freezes…

run cmd as admin and type “WPR -cancel”.. it will not fix the problem completely, but untill you restart your PC you should be fine

Thank you so much. Your suggestion worked but there is still unstability on the system. I think that Microsoft must solve this issue as soon as possible

Holly crap i’ve just spend 6hours trying EVERY suggestions on web:
Disabled WSearch, SuperFetch, BITS, uninstalled my antivirus, turned off all automatic updates and all notifications, tried multiple types of cleaners and troubleshootings and have restarted my computer over 20 times in a row i might forget some
other stuff but it was definitly worth creating an account here just to thank you! Even if it’s no permanent fix i can finally use my computer thanks a lot !! Windows is dropping a lot in my esteem recently… it’s the 2nd time in a week (since their anniversary update) that i’ve had to spend hours to solve what shouldn’t be a problem in the first place

Could i ask what make of computer you are running it may help if it could be narrowed down to certain makes perhaps? I know it’s perhaps grabbing at straws but most seem to be being updated ok?

When updating the KB3201845 and restarting, my computer said “repairing disk error” and “Attempting repair” and finally failed to repair. WTF?? Then doing a Restore from the Advanced options……failed! Restarted computer and then Restore was successfull! ????

Installed the KB3201845 again and now everything went fine. No problems!
What is Microsoft doing? Do they release updates without testing?

I’m the person with problem number 1. I’m still having issues trying to install this KB3201845 Cumulative update since Friday 09th Dec. My update History list is an embarrassment because it’s showing that the update has failed to install 12 times now. It’s a never ending loop.

It fails the install after the restart, undoes what it just did and then Boots back into Windows whereupon the Automatic Windows Update will start all over again telling me to install the update and that a Restart will be required.

I even tried the manual option by downloading the update from Windows Catalogue but when I double clicked to Run it, it wouldn’t even open. It immediately came up with a error. Sorry, can’t remember what it said now.

I’ve run sfc /scannow and the integrity of my system files passed with no errors. I ran the built-in Windows 10 Troubleshooter which found and Fixed four problems but still the Cumulative Update fails to install. I just don’t know what else I can do. is it my system or is it Microsoft because not everyone is having this problem so I don’t get it.

Go to this folder C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload and delete everything in that Download folder then re run the Update function in settings it should then install ok. Best of luck.

I am the person who had problem #2 above. I downloaded Gandalf’s Windows 10 x64 Boot PE ISO, and put it on a bootable USB drive.

I was able to boot with the USB drive, and see that my C: disk had
not been erased. I was able to backup files from it to an external USB

On the Gandalf’s Boot PE was Lazesoft Recovery Suite. I used the boot
drive repair utility to repair my C: drive, and it loaded up.

So as of now I am up and running. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Someone should put together a class action law suit. If I bought a car then the company sent out a mechanic to “fix” an issue but made it unusable everyone would sue. Now in example, you have your computer, which is more important than transport. It has more than your business or personnel life organised in minute detail it doesn’t connect you to the rest of the world.
Now completely unusable for a minute, an hour, a day, or a week and not get compensated for the time? I guess its not your computer and its not your time and not Microsoft’s problem.

Totally agree, i haven’t even finished to pay for my computer and had crashes preventing me from using it in any way TWICE in week that took over 20hours of my time and was really frustrating, thanks a lot windows !

You are acting as though they deliberately messed up your PC. I am sure MS are frantically working on a fix right now or maybe they have one? I had no issues at all with update KB3201845, it installed in the background and has caused no issues at all.

There is another update installing right now (2 days after KB3201845) and maybe it is a fix for those who had issues? It is KB3206632.

There is a difference between your car example and a computer OS. All of the gearboxes or brakes etc. in that model of car would be the same and require the same repair/replacement. Every PC is different in terms of hardware specs and software. That is why you are having issues and I am not, for example. Programming is a very difficult game and you can test something 1000 times without issue and then the first person who tries it has a crash or an error. Learn programming and you will see what I mean.

I do feel for you and I hope your PC is up and running again ASAP!

Deliberate or not if it happened to your car you would sue. This is your personnel or business computer which is much more important than your car. How many work hours were wasted and paid for by companies because of this or how many hours of frustration did people have because of this. Compensation is due!

Windows 10 has been unbelievably reliable for me and update KB3201845 did not cause my computers any issues at all. I think you are one of the unlucky ones who had issues.

The update killed Google Chrome, Steam, can’t access settings tab, Internet Explorer won’t open, can’t deleate the update. I get an error saying not all of the update deleted. When is a fix to this going to be rolled out?

This update seems to have put my gaming rig into the Automatic Repair loop. And the prescribed methods of recovery with BCD repair are reporting that there are 0 Windows installations present, even though I can fully list the drive directories, including the Windows directory. Chkdsk is reporting no errors after a thorough scan of my SSD. So yeah…this update completely hosed my gaming PC.

Same here. Yet my tablet had the same problem but after 2-3 reboots it came back … Seems like Microsoft went to get gaming PCs of the table for their xbox to me …

Very angry. Had a perectly usable PC yesterday. Now not even able to reinstall Windows. MS just gave me a £800 ornament for Christmas. Linux I think!!

I don’t notice much issue with Windows, itself, but as a gaming PC, it’s basically unusable. Normally, it would take me maybe two minutes from the time I try to launch a game (ie: Witcher 3 from GOG) until it’s completely loaded and I’m playing. Now it takes over 10, and when I do get in, the performance is so bad due to stuttering, it’s unplayable. Uninstalling the update does nothing to fix it, and Restore Points all fail.

I feel your pain.
I’m not a gamer myself, but after the install failed, my Toshiba laptop’s general performance was severely slowed down.

After a few hard resets, my system seems better, not to where it was, but better. Someone on Reddit suggested going into safe mode and uninstalling the update, then restarting, then restarting again. Said it worked for him. Going to run mine a little more and judge if this is a necessary step for me.

Same here… The framerate decreased insanely in EVERY single game I have installed! Fortunately, afeter uninstalling the update everything came back to normal. In my case, this update has been the worst ever because I play videogames a lot… What happened Microsoft?

I have the message “S.MA.R.T status Bad, backup and replace since the update.. i do “F1” to resume but the computer doesn’t restart, please help me