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If you can’t install the latest Windows 10 update, KB3201845, you should consider yourself lucky. What may first seem to be an annoying technical issue, is actually a blessing in disguise.

Tens of thousands of Windows 10 users who installed KB3201845 wish they hadn’t. Judging by their reports, this update is causing way more issues than it fixes. The 11 bug fixes listed by Microsoft on its support page are no match for the bevy of bugs triggered by the update itself.

The most severe bugs actually make the Windows 10 OS unusable. KB3201845 breaks many apps and programs, leaving users unable to access them. And the worst part is that the majority of Windows 10 users who uninstalled the update are still experiencing these bugs. In other words, simply uninstalling the update is not a solution.

KB3201845 breaks many apps and programs

If you can’t use your Google Chrome browser or Outlook Mail, don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with these programs themselves. It’s KB3201845 that’s breaking them. As you can see, the update doesn’t just break Windows-related apps and programs, third-party programs are also affected.

After publishing an initial list of bugs caused by KB3201845, many readers used our comment section and offered us more information about the bugs they are experiencing. We’ll use this information to create a list of the apps and programs killed by KB3201845.

1. The Settings app won’t open

Is there a way to fix this problem??? I can’t even check for updates because my settings app won’t open.
I tried to uninstall the update but the problem is still there. Please help

2. KB3201845 breaks DirectX12

This update breaks DirectX 12 at least for Rise Of The Tomb Raider and 3DMark Time Spy benchmark […] Uninstalling the update fixes this problem but the update keeps being reinstalled.

3. Edge crashes

Edge when opening page will show no response, load the page and than crash. Windows Update just found updates and is trying to download update KB3201845 again but stuck at 0%,although it is showing it has successfully installed it on 11.12.2016.

4. VLC is unresponsive

VLC when starting playback just crashes, all ASUS apps like Smart Gesture,Sonic Studio are opening like an hour or more and then are completly unresponsive.

5. KB3201845 kills Google Chrome and Steam

The update killed Google Chrome, Steam, can’t access settings tab, Internet Explorer won’t open, can’t deleate the update. I get an error saying not all of the update deleted. When is a fix to this going to be rolled out?

6. The Start Menu, OneNote and Edge won’t open

After installing KB320145 I cannot open the Start menu anymore. It appears that all standard Windows apps like OneNote, Edge, System settings, that I had pinned at the taskbar will not launch too.  Fortunately all other apps and programs still work fine.

7. Bluetooth controls are missing, making Bluetooth nonfunctional

Microsoft has yet to issue any comments about this situation. Taking into account the severety of these bugs, the Redmond giant should really hurry up and push a hotfix as soon as possible.


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Avatar Jim

Installed HB3201845 on December 11. Instantly my HP desktop computer started crashing. The cumulative updates since then have helped the problem a little but I STILL have to restart my computer several times daily because Windows freezes the Start Menu and my Chrome browser. My computer is rendered useless when this happens.

I’m furious at Microsoft and am tempted to start a class action lawsuit, given their arrogance in not even acknowledging the problems or promising to fix them.

Avatar John B

Whenever I see an Win 10 update I search the KB for any reported issues. I’ve never had a problem with previous updates, but this one looks problematic. My system had downloaded the update, but not applied it. Decided to take control. To prevent any updates, I set my network connections to metered, shut down the update services, renamed the distribution directory, brought the services back up. Did the same to my wife’s new laptop. I’ll wait and see how the next cumulative goes.

Avatar Octane

Just installed the update. Everything working fine for me.

Avatar Dave

I have noticed that Opera crashes when I load certain web pages (the Microsoft Store is one), but other than that, this update has left everything else alone.

Avatar Nurse Ratched

so what

Avatar Khizar Ahmed

I am not facing any of these issues despite installing this update.

Avatar Kjell A. Amundsen

sfc /scannow

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


Avatar Mo3tasm

I’ve installed the update on 3 machines and everything seems to work just fine!!.. Is there anything wrong with my Windows copy??!!…