Windows 11 performs great on foldable touch-screen devices

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Users are installing Windows 11 on a wider range of devices than initially thought possible.
  • The silver lining is that the OS actually runs unexpectedly smooth on most of them.
  • Lately, information has surfaced that Windows 11 is performing great on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold.
  • Users say that it doesn't only run great, but it also significantly improves the device's battery life.
Windows 11

After we saw how Microsoft’s new operating system performs on mobile phones, the Galaxy Book 2, and even on the company’s own Surface devices, its time to take a look at some other gadgets that run the OS.

Lately, some users decided to install Windows 11 on some of the foldable touch-screen devices that are on the market right now. And guess what? It runs great on these ones too.

Windows 11 runs extra smooth on the Lenovo X1 Fold

It is well known that social media platforms are the places where users go and tout the latest tech feats they have managed to pull.

And ever since this whole Windows 11 madness started, everyone has been trying to install the new OS on any device they could get their hands on.

It would appear that Windows 11 runs smoother than expected even on the ThinkPad X1 Fold, from Lenovo.

There seems to be a pattern emerging here, as all users that have installed the fresh operating systems on devices such as tablets, Surface gadgets, and phones, are actually stating that their devices run even better than before.

It appears that the new battery life improving features that Microsoft decided to add for laptops and tablets, also apply to other battery powered devices.

I was really waiting for 10X. Didn’t expect 11 and didn’t expect this big improvement on Fold. Even battery is better. I really tough I will have to downgrade it next day…..

The above-mentioned Reddit post stresses how natural and fluent this new OS feels on such devices, encouraging other enthusiasts to also try this experience.

Windows 11 seems to get better reviews with each passing day

The vast majority of users that have taken the leap and tried the early build of Windows 11 actually declare themselves satisfied with it’s performance, so far.

We’re not only talking about the PC/laptop version of the OS, but also the one for tablets and other portable devices.

All the opinions seem to converge around one important focal point: Windows 11 improves the performance of the systems it’s installed on.

The only bad reviews that Windows 11 is currently getting are centered around users not being able to take advantage of Microsoft’s PC Health Check app, and also the fact that some haven’t been able to install this new build yet.

Keep in mind that, as an alternative to the PC Health Check app, you can use WhyNotWin11.

As some users are upset with the Microsoft’s choice to use a TPM security chip for the Windows 11 OS, the Redmond giant has received some backlash.

That being said, the new OS will also be able to run on system without the TPM chip, and you can always invest in a new TPM-enabled device, or a new motherboard for your desktop.

Also, remember that this is just the beginning of the operating system’s life, so we might actually see more and more improvements as time goes by.

Overall, people seem to be pretty content with this version of the OS and are excitedly expecting the full version to be released.

What are your thoughts on Windows 11 so far? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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