Windows 7 users rally against the Monthly Update Rollup system

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October marks the launch of the Monthly Update Rollup system for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, but many users already rallied against these updates and decided to stay away from Windows Update today and for the foreseeable future.

Most likely, this aversion against the upcoming Windows 7 updates and the  Monthly Update Rollup system itself have been triggered by the dreaded KB2952664 update. As a result, it appears that the upgrade nightmare is back since Microsoft re-released KB2952664 as part of the October non-security update package.

Microsoft describes KB2952664 as a harmless update, aimed simply at “evaluating compatibility on the Windows ecosystem and help Microsoft to ensure application and device compatibility for all updates to Windows.” However, Windows 7 users fear Microsoft is planning to use its good old tricks again and force them to upgrade their OS.

This message posted on Microsoft’s forums is crystal clear and sums it all up:

UPDATE, October 11, 2016. Stay away from Windows Update today and for the foreseeable future. Set your Windows Update setting to Never. Wonky things are happening in Windows Update. We need to find a way to keep our Windows 7 systems — Windows 7 and under our control. Hopefully, we will find a way and publish it. […]

On Oct 11, we expect MS to come down with a completely new Windows update program.  Best we can tell, it will be a single agglomeration of all the updates that MS decides they want in your computer.  You have one choice: accept all of it or none of it. Many people will simply shut down WU forever.

Indeed, many Windows 7 PC owners decided to leave Windows Update disabled and the setting at never. For the time being, it’s still possible to install individual security updates from Microsoft’s Download Center website, but many users fear they will have only two choices in the near future: accept all updates, including the unwanted ones, or install no updates at all.

What’s your stance in this debate? Are you planning to block Windows 7 updates or you already have?



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