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best windows 7 uninstaller software

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Uninstalling software is not a tedious task on your PC. You may probably get this done by using Windows built-in ‘Programs and Features’ option in Control Panel.

However, some programs are stubborn and may not successfully uninstall, or by default they leave broken/corrupt registry entries and temporary junk files. Hence, you need dedicated third-party uninstaller software to do the job.

Uninstaller software scans your PC for installed programs and enable you to uninstall programs as well as remove all their traces (temporary files, program data, and registry entries) from your PC.

In addition, uninstaller software has the capacity to remove both large and small-sized programs, manage browser extensions, and clean up your system. Meanwhile we have compiled this list of best uninstaller software for Windows 7 PC.

Best Windows 7 uninstaller tools

  1. Ashampoo Uninstaller (recommended)

best windows 7 uninstaller softwareOne of the popular uninstaller software on the market, Ashampoo Uninstaller can do a great job in uninstalling any unwanted programs from your PC. There are two methods of uninstalling Ashampoo Uninstaller, which are either ‘silent uninstall’ or ‘uninstall with auto purging’.

Other features include:

  • File shredder
  • Startup program manager
  • Duplicate file finder
  • Registry optimizer
  • PC optimization tools

This uninstaller software works well on Windows 7, although it comes at a premium price.

Download Ashampoo Uninstall trial version here.

  1. IObit Uninstaller (recommended)

best windows 7 uninstaller softwareOne of the best uninstaller tool for Windows 7. You do not have to worry about stubborn programs on your PC, when you have IOBit uninstaller. Even Potentially Unwanted Programs are easily removed with this software. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for sort, target, and uninstall any program. You can select the option of removing junk files while removing a certain program.

Other features include:

  • Temporary files and junk removal
  • Broken shortcuts and caches removal
  • Web browser plugins uninstall (Supports only IE and Firefox)

Download IOBit Uninstaller here.

  1. Revo Uninstaller Free (recommended)

best windows 7 uninstaller softwareThis uninstaller software has a nice GUI which contains several tools to improve your PC. Revo Uninstaller Free has four uninstall options:

  • built-in option
  • safe option (it features additional registry scanning)
  • moderate option (it features extra scanning of all locations for potential leftover files)
  • advanced option (this is the moderate mode followed by a more deep scanning process of the whole system).

In addition, you can also uninstall programs by dragging their icons on a crosshair from the desktop. Other features of Revo Uninstaller include:

  • Startup program manager
  • Automatic system restore point creation
  • Links to on-screen keyboard and defrag tool
  • Log new installations (Only available in Pro version)

However, you cannot fully utilize all its features unless you expand, by buying the commercial version.

Download Revo Uninstaller here.

  1. CCleaner

best windows 7 uninstaller softwareCCleaner can also pass as an uninstaller software. As its name suggests, CCleaner cleans the PC through several options most especially by uninstalling programs. The free version of this program by Piriform can do a good job or removing every traces of junk files and invalid registry entries on your Windows 7 PC.

Other tools available on CCleaner include:

  • registry cleaner
  • program uninstaller
  • startup monitoring
  • duplicate finder
  • disk analyzer
  • system restore

Download the free version or buy professional version here

  1. Geek Uninstaller

best windows 7 uninstaller softwareThis uninstaller software is lightweight, comes with over 30 languages, and it’s only 2.5MB. This programs works by running a quick scan on your system and provides two uninstall options which are either regular or forced options. In addition, this software can run Google search for you in case you identify a strange program on your PC.

However, Geek Uninstaller does not monitor new installations, but it can completely uninstall programs from your Windows 7 PC.

Download Geek Uninstaller here

Bonus Software

  1. Wise Program Uninstaller

best windows 7 uninstaller softwareFurthermore, you can use this uninstaller software on your Windows 7 PC to uninstall software applications. This program is very quick as well as smart, as its name suggests, it display various rating about how others feel about the programs installed on your PC. You can use the ratings to determine which of the programs you should delete.

Wise Program Uninstaller has two options for uninstalling program, they are:

  • Safe uninstall (this option will access the program’s own uninstaller)
  • Forced uninstall (this option will run a deep scan remove all junk files and broken registry entries).

Download Wise Program Uninstaller here

In conclusion, we do recommend that you use any of these mentioned programs to uninstall programs on your Windows 7 PC. Do share with us your experience after using any of the above mentioned programs.



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