Best Windows 8, 10 Alphabet Apps for Your Kids

By: Andrew Wafer
3 minute read

Are you having difficulties in teaching your children the alphabet? Or maybe you just want to learn new words easily or to translate foreign sentences without using a classic dictionary? If so, then don’t hesitate and check the list from below where I tried to review the best Windows 8 Alphabet apps that are available on Windows Store.
windows 8 alphabet
During the present review you will basically find alphabet apps that received four, or above, stars of ratings from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users. All the tools described can be downloaded from Windows Store and installed on any Windows 8 based tablet, laptop or desktop. Furthermore, all these alphabet apps are featuring intuitive user interfaces, which mean that anyone can use the tools, even if we are talking about a newbie or a child (be careful though as some software are age rating). Also, have a look at some of the best Windows 8 education and school apps for kids, as well.

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Do note that on Windows Store you can find many other alphabet apps, in different languages, the list from below being my own top of Windows 8 Alphabet apps. In case you are looking for the best Windows 8 dictionary apps, you can anytime check our dedicated review (just click on the mentioned link).

Best Windows 8 alphabet apps in theWindows Store

Easy Alphabet five star rated and highly appreciated alphabet app from Windows Store is Easy Alphabet. As the name suggest, this tool is featuring an easy to use UI along with fun and happy methods that can be used for learning the English alphabet. The tool is perfect for children as they can sing the alphabet or learn how to properly say words, or phrases in English. Easy Alphabet is free on Windows Store and can be installed on any Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 device.

English Alphabet Teacher

English Alphabet TeacherAnother easy to use Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 alphabet app is English Alphabet Teacher. This app is mainly developed for kinds and features different options that can be used for learning the English alphabet with fun. English Alphabet Teacher is available for free on Windows Store and received five star ratings from the users who have tried it.

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Palmer’s Alphabet

Palmer's AlphabetPalmer’s Alphabet is a Windows 8 alphabet software that comes to teach the English alphabet in an easy and interactive way. Kids will love learning the alphabet with Palmer, a golden retriever who’s always up for a new adventure. The dog will explain the alphabet by using fun methods and educative games, songs or tasks. Palmer’s Alphabet is priced $1.49 on Windows Store.

3Mb – Alphabet Flashcards

3Mb - Alphabet FlashcardsThis app is developed for kids, but is not a classic Windows 8 alphabet. The tool can be used to increase vocabulary, concentration and cognition skills of children and not only. You can creat words, sentences, practice your vocabulary and alphabet skills and also you need to remember sounds or words in order to resolve different puzzles. Using 3Mb – Alphabet Flashcards is fun, the app being recommended for kids or for foreign users who wants to practice English. You can anytime test this app as it is free distributed on Windows Store.

Click Master Phonetic Alphabet Match

Click Master Phonetic Alphabet MatchIf you want to learn or practice the phonetic alphabet on your own Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 device, then you definitely need to use Click Master Phonetic Alphabet Match. The app is actually a matching game where you need to match the letter to its corresponding phonetic word to clear it from the board. The game is timed, so you can track your progress. This tool is also available for free on Windows Store.

Toddler Writing

Toddler WritingBy using this Windows 8 alphabet app you can learn how to write the English alphabet faster. You can practice your skills and you can hear the proper pronunciation of words, English sounds and different sentences. Toddler Writing is easy to use, it’s fun and can be now downloaded for free from Windows Store.

These are the best Windows 8 Alphabet apps that can be anytime downloaded and used on your tablet, laptop or desktop. As I have mentioned before, these are only some of the alphabet tools which are currently available on Windows Store, so you can anytime expend the list from above by adding your own favorite Windows 8 apps.

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