Xbox App Stuck on Preparing: Use These 6 Quick Solutions

The Xbox app is an essential gaming platform for PC

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  • Many users have reported that the downloads are stuck at the preparing screen in Windows 11's Xbox app. No progress is registered for hours.
  • To fix it, terminate all EA processes, update the OS, or uninstall conflicting applications, amongst other fixes listed below.
  • Also, find out how you can join the Xbox Game Pass and play over 100-plus games across devices.
Downlods stuck at preparing screen in Xbox app in Windows 11
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The Xbox app has recently become a fad, owing to the wide variety of games available and the ability to play them seamlessly across devices with the Game Pass. But several users have reported that the Xbox app is stuck at the preparing screen when downloading a game with no progress for hours.

We have investigated some triggers of this problem and will offer some of the most powerful solutions in this guide.

What causes the Xbox app to get stuck at preparing screen in Windows 11?

When dealing with such problems, you can’t easily identify the underlying cause unless you have made any changes in the recent past, right after which the error was first encountered.

In this case, revert to the previous settings or state to eliminate the problem. Here are some other possible reasons:

  • Misconfigured settings – Sometimes, some wrong Windows settings may cause this problem.
  • Corrupt cacheClearing the cache in Windows or just resetting the app may fix the issue easily.
  • Conflicting processes or programs – If you installed any software before this error, there’s a chance it might be interfering with the Xbox app.
  • Poor internet connection – The app needs to connect to the Internet to function properly, so a poor connection is a reason enough for such problems. Learn how to fix common No Internet error messages in no time.

We have listed the relevant fix for each in the following section. Execute them in the same sequence to eliminate the Xbox stuck at the preparing screen error.

What do I do if the Xbox app is stuck at the preparing screen?

Before getting to any software and system tweaking, go through the following checks:

If you have already performed these simple procedures, let’s start fixing this problem with the solutions below.

1. Terminate all EA processes

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch the Task Manager.Terminate all EA processes to fix xbox app stuck at preparing
  2. Locate any EA-related processes, right-click on them, and then select End task from the context menu.End task

After terminating the processes, check if the progress moves past the preparing screen on the Xbox app in Windows 11.

2. Update Windows 11

  1. Press Windows + I to launch the Settings app, and select Windows Update from the list of tabs in the navigation pane on the left.Update Windows to fix xbox app stuck at preparing
  2. Next, click Check for updates to scan for any available newer versions of the OS.Check for updates
  3. If any are found, download and install them on your PC.

3. Run the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter

  1. Press Windows + I to launch the Settings app, and click Troubleshoot on the right in the System tab.Troubleshooter
  2. Next, click on Other troubleshooters.Other troubleshooters
  3. Locate and click on the Run button next to Windows Store Apps troubleshooter.Run Windows Store Apps troubleshooter to fix xbox app stuck at preparing
  4. Wait for the troubleshooter to diagnose and eliminate the problem, and choose the appropriate response if prompted.

The built-in troubleshooters offered by Microsoft help resolve a bunch of errors in Windows 11 with minimal effort or supervision from your end. Hence, whenever you encounter an error, check if a troubleshooter is available, and run it.

4. Repair/reset the Xbox app

Note icon NOTE
Resetting the app removes configured settings and data and takes it to the state when you first installed it.
  1. Press Windows + I to launch the Settings app, and select the Apps tab from the navigation pane on the left.Apps
  2. Next, click on Apps & features on the right.Apps & features
  3. Locate the Xbox app, click on the ellipsis next to it, and select Advanced options from the menu that appears.Advanced options to fix xbox app stuck at preparing
  4. Now, click on the Repair button.Repair app to fix xbox app stuck at preparing
  5. Wait for the process to complete and check if the problem is fixed. In case it persists, click on the Reset button.Reset app to fix xbox app stuck at preparing
  6. Again, click Reset on the prompt that pops up.Confirm reset

Expert tip:


Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to missing or corrupted system files and repositories of your Windows.
Be sure to use a dedicated tool, such as Fortect, which will scan and replace your broken files with their fresh versions from its repository.

If the downloads are stuck on the preparing screen due to issues with the Xbox app, repairing or resetting the app could help. It’s recommended that you first try to repair it and reset the app if that doesn’t work.

When you repair an app, all its files are checked, and the problematic ones are replaced. Also, the registry entries are examined for any anomalies.

5. Reset the Microsoft Store cache

  1. Press Windows + S to launch the Search menu. Enter Windows Terminal in the text field at the top, right-click on the relevant search result, and select Run as administrator from the context menu.Launch elevated Windows Terminal to fix xbox app stuck at preparing
  2. Click Yes on the UAC (User Account Control) prompt that pops up.UAC
  3. Click on the downward-facing arrrow at the top, and select Command Prompt from the list of options. Alternatively, press Ctrl + Shift + 2 to launch Command Prompt in a new tab.Launch Command prompt
  4. Now, type the following command and hit Enter to reset the Microsoft Store cache:wsresetReset cache to fix xbox app stuck at preparing

6. Uninstall conflicting apps

  1. Press Windows + I to launch the Settings app, then select Apps from the list of tabs on the left.Apps tab
  2. Click on Apps & features on the right.Apps & features
  3. Locate the problematic or conflicting app, click the ellipsis next to it, and then select Uninstall from the menu.Uninstall app to fix xbox app stuck at preparing
  4. Again, select Uninstall in the confirmation prompt that pops up.Confirm uninstall

If you started encountering the download stuck on preparing screen error in Xbox after installing an app, uninstall it immediately and check if that fixes the issue. Certain apps are known to conflict with the functioning of the others installed on the system.

To identify the ones to uninstall, list the apps installed when you first encountered the issue.

Start uninstalling the apps one at a time, and check if the problem is eliminated after each. Once you identify and remove the conflicting one, reinstall the others removed during the process.

That’s all there is to eliminate issues that cause the games to get stuck at preparing screen on the Xbox app in Windows 11. Also, find out how to get the remote install feature working on Xbox.

Some of our readers also fixed this problem by changing the Windows region from Settings to the United States and resetting the Microsoft Store service before downloading and installing the Xbox app, so you should try that too.

Another issue often reported by users is that Windows 11 doesn’t recognize the Xbox controllers, so learn how to fix it. Our tips will help you in that regard.

Tell us which fix worked along with your favorite games on Xbox in the comments section below.

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