What to do if your Xbox One eject button is not working

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Xbox One eject button

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There have often been instances of the Xbox One eject button getting stuck. This might be outright frustrating when you need to change your disks in a jiffy though the thing to keep in mind is that the solution to this is really simple and easy. And it does not take much time either.

So, let’s get started right away.

Solution for Xbox One eject button issues

How to release eject button manually

  • Before you start, you will do good to know the process is similar to how you release the disk of a CD ROM drive using a detangled paper clip. Using the same, look for a tiny hole just beside the Eject button. Its marked out with a yellow or orange lining to help locate the spot.
  • Now insert the clip and press gently. You can use any other thin but long object for the purpose though it has to be thin enough to fit into the tiny hole while stiff enough to be able to withstand some amount of pressure.
  • When you press into the hole, the clip (or anything else that you are using) sinks into the hole a little and you will know that’s it. The CD too gets ejected simultaneously.

However, if is happening way too frequently, that is the Eject button is failing quite often and you are having to resort to the workaround described here to release the disk, try re-starting the device and see if the issue has been resolved. Also, keep your Xbox One updated with all the latest updates

Else, this might be a hardware issue that needs attention. Get in touch with the service guys in that case to get it resolved. Then again, this shouldn’t too big a deal as the disk drive release mechanism might be at fault if it isn’t with the Eject release button on the gaming console’s casing.

This should be it. Hope you are able to release your disks if using the method described here just in case the eject button on your Xbox One isn’t working.

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