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by Ivan Jenic
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Fixing the not available for this account error

YouTube is the biggest video hosting site on the great worldwide web. It has also been among the first to offer to host videos that can be viewed via any smart devices, be it a smartphone, tablet PC, or desktops. All of this also makes it quite a pain if you are shut out of the site. One common error message is Sorry, isn’t available for this account.

That said, the issue can be resolved easily with a minimum of effort.

Why can’t I connect to YouTube?

1. Sign out and sign back in

  1. Sign out of your Google account on the device where you are getting the error message.
  2. After that, sign back in afresh and see if you are able to access not available
  3. You can also log in via a different account and see if the issue still persists.

2. Get YouTube turned on by your domain admin

Check with your domain admin if you are getting the 'sorry isn't available for this account' error

  1. Check with your domain administrator if is enabled for your domain.
  2. If not, request the admin to act accordingly so that you are able to add as a service.
  3. Also, check if you are not among the select few countries or regions where YouTube is yet to be formally launched. It won’t be available if YouTube is pending launch in your location or country.

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3. Get in touch with network admin or ISP

The network admin or ISP can be of help if you are getting the 'sorry isn't available for this account' error

  1. You might also have to get in touch with the network admin or the Internet Service Provider to ensure com hasn’t been blocked.
  2. If so, pursue with the authorities to get the block lifted.

This should be all you need to do if you are getting the Sorry isn’t available for this account error message. However, you should also do a few other things to ensure YouTube runs smoothly on your device.

Those include checking your internet connection as video playback requires a stable and fast connection. Also, you would do well to keep the YouTube app on your handheld devices updated to the latest software versions.


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