How to Make Taskbar Icons Bigger in Windows 10


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Taskbar has always been an essential part of Windows, and over the years it has changed. Speaking of changes, users complain that Taskbar icons are too small in Windows 10, so today we’re going to show you how to make Taskbar icons bigger in Windows 10.

Make Taskbar icons bigger in Windows 10

As we said, over the years Taskbar has changed and although it has been present from the earliest versions of Windows, it has remained it the crucial part of every Windows. Earliest versions of Windows didn’t have Quick Launch icons, instead you could only see the list of currently opened apps.

Windows XP brought Quick Launch icons, so you could place apps in your Taskbar and launch them directly from there. Windows 7 removed application names from the Taskbar and it has replaced them with large icons. It was quite convenient because it saved a lot of space on your Taskbar, especially if you are a multitasking user that runs several apps at the same time.

Windows 10 changed things even more by adding Search bar and Task View to the Taskbar. Although these are welcome additions, some things had to be changed, and this is how we got smaller icons in Taskbar. Not everybody is happy with this change, so today we’re going to show you how to make Taskbar icons bigger.

Download and install 7+Taskbar Tweaker:

  1. Download 7+ Taskbar Tweaker from here.
  2. Install it and run it.
  3. Right click the title bar and choose Advanced Options.bigger taskbar icons
  4. Now find the  w10_large_icons and set its value to 10 bigger taskbar icon

As you can see, you can easily make Taskbar icons bigger on Windows 10, but this isn’t possible without a third party software. In addition, we have to mention that some users report that you need to keep 7+ Taskbar Tweaker running in order to keep your Taskbar icons bigger.