How to Fix Windows 8, 8.1 Clipboard Issues

Copying a text file to clipboard either from a word document or a notepad document in Windows 8 usually can be done very easily but for those of us who don’t exactly know the principle I will explain it in a few words. When you use the “Ctrl” and “C” to copy a text and “Ctrl” and “V” to paste the text in another document in Windows 8 the contents of the copied text are stored in the clipboard feature.
clipboard issues on Windows 8
Basically if you copy a text to clipboard in Windows 8 and you don’t paste it somewhere else it will remain there as long as you do not restart the PC or copy another text to clipboard. Nevertheless there are some applications in Windows 8 where you might have trouble with the system clipboard and for this reason I will explain a few methods below how you can solve your clipboard issue either for the whole system or for a specific app you installed.

Fix Windows 8 clipboard issues

I am going to enumerate below some fixes for clipboard depending on the app you are trying to use.

For Skype app in Windows 8:

For repairing the Skype app to use the clipboard we will need to uninstall the add-on for Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
Close any browser you have open.

  1. Go in Windows 8 in “Control Panel”.
  2. From the “Programs and Features” you will need to remove the Skype “Click to Call” option.
  3. After this reboot the Windows 8 PC and see if you have the same issue.
  4. If it is still not working you will have to completely uninstall Skype and install the newest version for your Windows 8 system.

For Internet Explorer in Windows 8:

  1. Click on “Internet Options” situated in the upper side of Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on the “Advanced” tab in the upper side of the window “Internet Options”
  3. Under “Reset internet explorer settings” click (left click) on “Reset”.
  4. After this click (left click) on “OK” in the lower side of the “Internet Options” window.
  5. Reboot the Windows 8 PC and see if the clipboard works for you now.

For more than one browser (example: if you have installed Mozilla, Opera and Internet Explorer):

You will have to uninstall one browser and see if Copy/paste works, if it doesn’t try Uninstalling all the browsers and install the latest versions available for Windows 8.

For Windows Remote Desktop:

  1. You will have to open the task manager by pressing and holding “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Delete” buttons on the keyboard.
  2. Go to the “Processes” tab and click (left click) on “RDPCLIP.EXE” after that click (left click) on “End Process” button situated in the lower right side of the “Task Manager” window.
  3. Now we will need to go to “Applications” tab and click (left click) on “New Task” button in the lower right side of the “Task Manager” window.
  4. In the “Create new task” window that opened type in there “rdpclip.exe”
  5. Click (left click) on the “OK” button in the “Create new task” window.

For Adobe Acrobat in Windows 8:

The only way to fix your clipboard issue with Adobe Acrobat is to uninstall the application by going to “Control Panel” and then reinstall the newest version of the app for Windows 8.

For Adobe Flash Player in Windows 8:

Update the Adobe Flash Player to the latest version available for Windows 8 when you get prompt by the browser you are using.

If you cannot find the clipboard issue you are having on the steps above follow the indications below.

Erase the Windows Clipboard:

  1. Press and hold the “Windows” button and the “R” button.
  2. In the box next to “Open” we need to type cmd /c “echo off | clip” (include the quotes in the text)
  3. Click(left click) on the “OK” button presented in the lower side of the Run window.

We will try here to edit the Windows Registry:
Note: you need to be signed in as Administrator to do this option.

  1. Press and hold the “Windows” button and the “R” button.
  2. Type in the box next to “Open” the word “Regedit”
  3. In the “Registry Editor” window double click (left click) on “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”
  4. Under “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” double click (left click) on “Software”
  5. Under “Software” double click (left click) on “Microsoft”
  6. Under “Microsoft” double click (left click) on “Windows”
  7. Under “Windows” double click (left click) on “CurrentVersion”
  8. Under “CurrentVersion” double click (left click) on “Internet Settings”
  9. Under “Internet Settings” double click (left click) on “Zones”.
  10. In the “Zones” folder if you see a character out of the ordinary like an empty rectangle or an “L” we need to delete it.
    Note: Do not delete anything else and if you don’t have the character mentioned above don’t make any other modifications to this folder.
    Close the “Registry Editor” Window.
  11. Reboot the Windows 8 PC and see if your clipboard is working now.

So the solutions described above have the specific steps either for an app on Windows 8 or for the entire Windows 8 system in order to resolve your problems regarding the clipboard. Write to us below for any additional information that you might need on the subject.