Best automated eCommerce software [2020 Guide]

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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automated eCommerce tools


mobirise best automated ecommerce softwareMobirise is a renowned site building software, whose functions can be modified to design an ecommerce/online shopping site for your products/services.

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It hosts a user-friendly interface that uses a simple “drag & drop” feature to create websites, without any form of coding. As such, you can easily adopt this software to create an ecommerce site. However, this automated ecommerce software is compatible with Windows desktop devices, and cannot be used on mobile platforms.

Basically, Mobirise is a mobile-friendly desktop app that can help you build a promotional, marketing or shopping site, where you can promote, market and sell your products.

This is done by adding designated “Buy Now” (online purchase) links and “Add to cart” (product order) links to your website. With this, orders and purchases are automatocally processed as appropriate.

Also, there are designated ecommerce website building features like “CommerceM4” and “Paypal Cart”. The PayPal Cart facilitates receipts on purchased products via PayPal. These features make Mobirise ideal for designing ecommerce websites or online stores.

Some of the basic features of Mobirise include: Unlimited web blocks, ecommerce links, Templates (Bootstrap builder), Code editor, Paypal Cart, Contact forms, Social Buttons, Content slider, Video background and more.

Mobirise’s pricing plans are product-specific i.e. each product/feature has its specific pricing plan. For convenience, the CommerceM4 product is available for $39, while the Paypal Cart is also available for $39.

Nevertheless, you are afforded the opportunity of purchasing the full kit at a 93% discounted price of $100.

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