6 Best Browsers for Canvas [Ranked by Speed & Security]

Get the best out of your learning platform with the right browser

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  • A reliable browser that includes security features is the best browser for Canvas learning solutions.
  • A browser with plenty of features for online educations and AdBlock, stands out as Canvas preferred browser.
  • Another important feature to consider in a browser for Canvas is incredible browsing speed.
best browser for canvas

The Canvas Learning Management System is a great tutoring tool. It facilitates students and teachers to get along with their studies at the K12 level.

Everything about Canvas is done online, including courses, study materials, or submissions of assignments. So, you must have the right browser to ensure a truly hassle-free learning experience.

If you rely on the Canvas Learning Management System to facilitate teacher-student collaboration, check out this article to learn the best browsers for the Canvas platform.

What is the best browser for Canvas Learning System?

Opera One – Overall best browser for Canvas

Opera One packs many features that make it the best browser for Canvas and online teaching.

You can use the bookmark feature and the built-in bookmark manager to create folders. You can also use it to save the web pages you often use when teaching.

The Snapshot tool lets you capture entire web pages or parts of them and quickly edit them. This is a useful feature as you no longer need to install third-party tools to take screenshots to send to your students.

Educators and teachers will love the Workspaces feature. You can use it to organize your tabs according to their role: teaching materials, homework ideas, lesson planning, and more.

The Unit converter is another useful feature. The built-in currency, measurement, and time zone converters allow you to convert unknown numbers and time formats without opening a new tab.

As you can see, Opera One packs plenty of useful features for teaching online classes.

Opera One

Get the most amazing features that will make your online learning easy to organize and manage. 

UR Browser – Private browser

ur browser

The UR Browser may be among the newest kid on the browser’s block but is already making waves with the several exciting features that it comes with.

That includes the excellent security credentials it boasts that make the browser well suited for even security-sensitive tasks such as banking or other financial transactions.

It is also quite light on the hardware, which means fewer computer resources are diverted to keep the browser going.

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It is also updated regularly, which makes it perfect for Canvas. The speed advantage that the browser has over its rival is also another reason why it is considered ideal for Canvas.

The browser’s security features are another plus, as anything you do on Canvas remains private and secure.

UR Browser

Navigate on this multilayered private browser and access Canvas without issues of any kind.

Google Chrome – Fast browser


Chrome is one of the best browsers out there. It is available across a wider device segment – mobiles, desktops, and tablets.

This way, you can carry on with whatever you’ve been working on any device. That said, Canvas encourages using its app on mobile devices instead of the browser.

Additionally, Chrome gets the highest recommendation as the preferred browser for Canvas.

Among the other positives that make it right for Canvas, we need to mention its speed and efficiency. It may not be the fastest browser, but it works well.

With regular updates, the Chrome browser is also quite great in dealing with most security threats, which include malware and virus attacks.

So, you can rest assured your activities on Canvas remains unhindered.

Get Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox – Browser with low resource usage

mozilla firefox best browser for canvas

It’s another browser that enjoys a wide appeal, perhaps next only to Google Chrome. It also gets updated quite regularly. So, you can be sure that you will always get all the features Canvas offers.

Besides Chrome, Mozilla is another browser that enjoys the highest recommendation from Canvas.

Firefox is also among the faster browsers, which means you won’t be left wanting for speed while on Canvas.

The latest Firefox Quantum is also hyped for being the most secure and private browser Mozilla has ever created.

That makes it another reason why you might opt for it for Canvas. Overall, a simple, safe, and speedy browser can be a nice fit for Canvas.

Get Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge – Best browser for Canvas on Windows


The Edge browser is great and can be used to access Canvas as effectively as any other browser though this is applicable for Windows devices only.

In other words, Edge will be best for Canvas on Windows PCs and tablet devices only.

Worth mentioning that the official Canvas app is only available for Android and iOS, meaning that the only way you can avail of Canvas services and features in a Windows environment is via the Edge browser.

Microsoft has also been doing a great job updating the Edge browser regularly while adding new features to the browser.

More recently, Microsoft announced adopting the Chromium platform for Edge, which should make for a more streamlined and user-friendly user experience with the Edge.

Plus, it’s fast and secure, too, all of which make it the best browser for Canvas for Windows users.

Get Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer 11 – Simple browser

best browser for canvas IE

Although Microsoft is keen to uphold Edge as the default browser for current and future Windows devices, it has also packed Internet Explorer 11 within Windows 10, just in case you need it.

If you like the browser, you can still access Canvas with Internet Explorer 11.

However, things might look slightly different in Canvas when using Internet Explorer 11, given that the browser is somewhat dated compared to Edge.

Internet Explorer 11 isn’t given as much attention within Microsoft as Edge. Hence, it is not the first choice for Canvas.

That said, things aren’t expected to be different by a wide margin. This is because the Canvas basic functionality is going to be the same.

So, if you are on Windows and are somehow looking for an alternative to Edge, Internet Explorer 11 can be a nice option.

Get Internet Explorer 11

What devices does Canvas support?

Canvas is an online platform built using web standards. It works on virtually all devices, provided you have a supported browser.

This means you can use Canvas on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and other devices with any of the browsers listed above.

There you have it: The best browsers you can use for Canvas on any device. You can confidently choose any of the browsers on the list to get maximum performance on the popular learning platform.

If you need a list of the best interactive training module software, check our list of carefully curated tools in the linked guide.

Feel free to let us know in the comments below the browser you enjoy using for Canvas.

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