5 Best Web Browsers to Watch HBO GO on All Your Devices

You'll need a browser with built-in VPN to watch HBO GO abroad

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  • HBO GO is an extremely popular on-demand streaming service available on almost every platform.
  • If you prefer streaming your favorite show on a browser, we recommend the best ones in this guide.
Best web browsers to watch HBO GO on
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In this article, we share our list comparing the best browsers for HBO GO. HBO GO is a fantastic streaming service that lets you watch your favorite HBO shows on almost any device. It is an excellent alternative to streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Some users prefer using their web browser for multimedia, and if that’s the case with you, today, we’ll show you the best browsers to watch HBO Go.

Which browsers support HBO GO?

Many modern browsers support HBO GO, but for optimal performance, here are our top recommendations:

  • Opera One
  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • UR browser
  • Firefox

We will tell you why we love these browsers later in the article but note that since there are a lot of compatible browsers, this is not an exhaustive list.

There are a few good streaming browsers, including Edge and Safari, but Opera One has an advantage over every other streaming browser. And would be our top recommendation.

We will talk more about this browser later in this article.

What are the best browsers for watching HBO GO?

Opera One – Best for multitasking

The first item on our list is the Opera One browser. This browser has low hardware requirements, so it will leave more than enough power for streaming.

Thanks to the built-in ad blocker, the hardware used is even lower, and your multimedia content will load up to 90% faster.

The browser also has a battery saver feature that can give you up to an extra hour of battery life.

It’s worth mentioning that Opera One supports customization, allowing you to tweak your start page with various news feeds easily.

If you use it for multimedia, you’ll be pleased to hear that Opera One has a video pop-out feature that lets you watch videos in a separate mini window while working on other tasks.

Lastly, with native integration for services like Twitch, Discord, and various messaging and social media apps it is an excellent choice for multitasking.

Notable Opera One features:

  • Built-in VPN with unlimited bandwidth
  • Screenshot tool
  • Available on all major desktop and mobile platforms
  • Ability to easily share files and links between devices with Opera Flow
  • Advanced tab organization with workspaces and tab islands
  • Built-in AI, free and up to date

Opera One

Opera One is the number 1 browser for streaming thanks to its low hardware requirements and built-in ad blocker and VPN!
Free Download Visit website

Microsoft Edge – Best with native 4k support

best browser for hbo go

If you want to watch HBO GO, Microsoft Edge might be the best browser for the service. Edge was recently completely revamped, and it now has various new and exciting features.

Edge has a native 4K support for streaming, but this feature only currently works with Netflix.

Although Edge was previously exclusively available on Windows 10, the revamped version can also work with older builds.

That’s not all; the new version is available on macOS, iOS, and Android. It also has better privacy control and protection, so you can choose what tracking cookies you want to block.

Notable Edge features:

  • New and sleek interface based on Chromium engine
  • Support for Chrome extensions
  • Ability to customize your home page
  • Immersive Reader
  • Built-in malware protection

Microsoft Edge

Edge works on all platforms, and it is continuously updated so it’s great for all purposes.

Google Chrome – Most Chromecast compatible

best browser for hbo go

Chrome needs no introduction since it’s currently one of the most popular browsers in the world. The browser is great for multimedia, especially if you’re using Chromecast devices.

Thanks to native Chromecast support, you can easily stream content from your PC or phone to any Chromecast device.

As for additional features, we have to mention thousands of available extensions that let you customize and enhance your browser.

Speaking of customization, Chrome allows you to customize your start page with various themes easily.

Regarding performance, this browser is optimized for multitasking and can easily handle multiple tabs.

Notable Chrome features:

  • Available on all major desktop and mobile platforms
  • Built-in password manager
  • Adblocker
  • Native translation feature that can cover entire pages
  • Protection against malicious websites

Google Chrome

This is the most popular browser for good reasons and it’s perfect for streaming HBO GO.

UR browser – Good browsing speeds

UR is not the most popular browser out there but it’s still one of the best when it comes to streaming, and watching HBO GO makes no exception.

The browser has a good reputation and high scores for playing HTML5 video, audio, and streaming.

And it’s not much of a surprise because it has the same Chromium engine as Chrome and Edge.

Moreover, you can use Chrome’s video extensions to customize playback on YouTube and other websites.

On top of that, UR also comes with a VPN that will help you enjoy your HBO GO content from any country and unblock content restrictions.

Other useful features:

  • 3 levels of privacy and security
  • Low system resources consumption
  • Modern UI
  • Built-in VPN

UR Browser

Enjoy HBO GO on a browser that offers great streaming speeds and focuses on privacy.

Mozilla Firefox – Best for privacy

If you’re looking for a browser that works with HBO GO and protects your privacy, you should consider Firefox.

This browser is completely open-source, and since a non-profit organization makes it, it won’t sell your browsing data to third parties.

Regarding multimedia, Firefox has a pop-out video player that lets you watch videos while working on different tasks. As for privacy, Enhanced Tracking Protection can block more than 2,000 other trackers.

Firefox also lets you store your passwords, but you can easily access them on any platform with the Firefox Lockwise app.

Notable Firefox features:

  • Hundreds of available extensions
  • Ability to inform you if your account is compromised in a data breach
  • Customizable user interface
  • Available on all desktop and mobile platforms
  • Synchronization feature

Mozilla Firefox

Enjoy your HBO GO content with a browser that blocks trackers and annoying ads.

There you have it, our list contains recommendations for the best browser for HBO GO. Note that these also make our list of the best browsers for HBO MAX.

Remember that this service is not available in every country, so you may also need to use any of the best browsers for streaming to get the best content and viewing experience.

Did you find our list helpful? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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