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  • Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming platforms, with millions of users around the globe.
  • Although it supports a variety of apps, finding a proper browser isn’t easy.
  • Yes, you can use the console to access the Internet through a web browser.
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Xbox One is a great console that supports various services and apps, but what about web browsers? Follow along as today we will show you the best browser for Xbox One and Series X/S.

A gaming console may add a lot of value to a home entertainment system by providing streamlined access to various video streaming services and the ability to view movies and television series. And naturally, the introduction of gaming on enormous screens to the living room!

How do you browse the Internet on Xbox?

The Xbox console allows us to utilize a web browser to explore the Internet, which enables us to visit websites immediately on our TV or monitor. This is another of the console’s many wonderful advantages.

If you want to use a different browser on your Xbox One, there are not many available, but today we’re going to show you the best browsers you can use.

Is there a browser on Xbox One?

Yes, when you buy it, Microsoft Edge should already be pre-installed on your Xbox One console. This browser is from some of the most well-known firms in the industry.

Microsoft Store marketplace home page.

If you cannot locate it, check your Xbox applications, download it from the app store, and maintain the most recent version of your console software.

How do I install a web browser on Xbox One?

  1. Press the Xbox button to navigate to the Home page and select the Xbox app best browser xbox one
  2. Type the browser name you want to download and hit Install next to it.

This being said, let’s see what the best Internet app for Xbox One is and how to download a browser on Xbox One step by step. Keep on reading!

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This web browser was developed primarily for gaming. As a result, it provides functions such as shortcuts to a large number of the most popular websites of today and makes it simpler to multitask in-game windows while simultaneously browsing the web.

Due to its privacy, speed, and gaming advantages, we regarded Opera GX as an interesting choice, even if it is not currently available on Xbox consoles.

Other useful Opera GX features:

  • Enhanced loading times as well as overall performance in all areas
  • Incorporates functionality from Microsoft’s Edge browser to provide users with rapid access to their preferred websites
  • A redesigned user experience that exudes an air of sophistication

Opera GX

Get the most out of your gaming sessions with this fully optimized browser.

What is the best browser for Xbox One?

Microsoft Edge – Revamped new browser

Microsoft Edge is available on most major platforms, so it seems natural to see it on Xbox One. The browser has been on Xbox One for quite some time, and it’s available out of the box.

The user interface is similar to the desktop version; you can open multiple tabs. File download and streaming are also supported, allowing you to enjoy multimedia easily.

Overall, Microsoft Edge offers decent features, and it’s a solid choice for Xbox One and Xbox SERIES X/S users.

Notable Microsoft Edge features:

  • Available by default
  • Available on other platforms
  • Support for streaming and file download

Get Microsoft Edge

Monument Browser – Lightweight browser

Monument Browser is a speed-focused web browser that is streamlined and lightweight for use on the Xbox One. With its streamlined and aesthetically pleasing user interface, Monument Browser delivers a seamless surfing experience.

Other Monument features:

  • An Internet download manager with high speed
  • Online page storage
  • Unidentified navigation

Get Monument Browser

How do I update the browser on my Xbox One?

Because the Xbox One and Series X/S consoles will automatically update their browsers, you won’t need to bother keeping your browser up to date on those systems.

Can I download Chrome on Xbox One?

The Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles support the built-in Microsoft Edge browser to browse the internet.

There is no way to install additional browsers like Chrome on an Xbox One console. If you want to use Chrome, you will have to use it on a device that supports it such as a PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Did Xbox remove Microsoft Edge?

Xbox One’s Internet Explorer browser has been replaced with a newer version called Microsoft Edge.

The most recent version of Microsoft Edge may be downloaded and installed on any Xbox system. The 2021 upgrade to the Chromium-based version of Edge will provide you with the best that the web offers.

Including updated web standards and a streamlined, protected, and up-to-date surfing experience that you can access directly from your console.

However, if you can’t find Edge anywhere in your console, press Y while on the home screen and search edge. Then you may access it from there. Users reported the browser reappeared in the applications area afterward.

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These are the seven best browsers for Xbox One and Series X/S. Let us know in the comments section below which one you prefer. Thanks for reading!

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