7 Best Browsers to Use on Xbox One and Series X/S in 2022

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming platforms, with millions of users around the globe.
  • Although it supports a variety of apps, finding a proper browser isn’t easy.
  • Yes, you can use the console to access the Internet through a web browser.
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Xbox One is a great console that supports various services and apps, but what about web browsers? Follow along as today we will show you what the best browser for Xbox One and Series X/S is.

A gaming console may add a lot of value to a home entertainment system by providing streamlined access to various video streaming services, as well as the ability to view movies and television series. And naturally, the introduction of gaming on enormous screens to the living room!

The Xbox console provides us with the option to utilize a web browser to explore the Internet, which enables us to visit websites immediately on our TV or monitor. This is another of the console’s many wonderful advantages.

If you want to use a different browser on your Xbox One, there are several choices available, and today we’re going to show you the best browsers that you can use.

Can I surf the Internet on Xbox One?

Yes, both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge should already be pre-installed on your Xbox One console when you buy it. Both of these browsers are from some of the most well-known firms in the industry.

Microsoft Store marketplace home page.
Source: Xbox.com

In the event that you are unable to locate them, make sure to check your Xbox applications, download them from the app store, and maintain the most recent version of your console software.

Can I get a different browser on Xbox?

Yes, you can get most of the major browsers out there by accessing your Xbox app store and searching for the app. From using Chrome on Xbox One to Monument Browser, you can choose your favorite pick.

Many of you are wondering how to get Google Chrome on Xbox One and the answer is pretty simple. All you need to do is to head to the Xbox app store and search for Chrome then hit the Install button.

Fo is the case if you’re wondering how to get Opera or Firefox on Xbox One. In case you can’t download those browsers, make sure to update your console to the most recent version available.

Did Xbox remove Microsoft Edge?

Xbox One’s Internet Explorer browser has been replaced with newer versions of it such as Microsoft Edge.

The most recent version of Microsoft Edge may be downloaded and installed on any Xbox system. The 2021 upgrade to the Chromium-based version of Edge will provide you with the best that the web has to offer.

Including updated web standards as well as a streamlined, protected, and up-to-date surfing experience that you can access directly from your console.

However, if you can’t seem to find Edge anywhere in your console, press Y while on the home screen and search edge. Then you may access it from there. Users reported the browser reappeared in the applications area afterward.

This being said, let’s see what the best Internet app for Xbox One is as well as how to download a browser on Xbox One step by step. Keep on reading!

What is the best browser for Xbox One?

Opera GX – Gaming-focused browser

This web browser was developed primarily for gaming, and as a result, it provides functions such as shortcuts to a large number of the most popular websites of today and makes it simpler to multitask in-game windows while simultaneously browsing the web.

It is the most recent addition to the collection of extensions offered by Opera GX. It was previously inaccessible on other platforms like iOS and Android, but starting with the new S series of Microsoft’s most powerful console, it is available on Xbox consoles.

Due to its privacy, speed, and gaming advantages, we regarded Opera GX as the best Internet browser for Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox One.

Other useful Opera GX features:

  • Enhanced loading times as well as overall performance in all areas
  • Incorporates functionality from Microsoft’s Edge browser to provide users with rapid access to their preferred websites
  • A redesigned user experience that exudes an air of sophistication

Opera GX

Get the most out of your Xbox One gaming sessions with the fully optimized browser.

Microsoft Edge – Revamped new browser

Microsoft Edge is available on most major platforms, so it seems natural to see it on Xbox One as well. The browser has been present on Xbox One for quite some time, and it’s available out of the box.

The user interface is similar to the desktop version and you can have multiple tabs open. File download and streaming are also supported, allowing you to enjoy multimedia with ease.

Overall Microsoft Edge offers decent features and it’s a solid choice for Xbox One and Xbox SERIES X/S users.

Notable Microsoft Edge features:

  • Available by default
  • Available on other platforms
  • Support for streaming and file download

Get Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome – One of the fastest browsers

Google Chrome, which is a very well-known web browser, is an excellent option for the Internet browser on the Xbox One as well as the Internet browser on the Xbox Series X/S.

Chrome was developed by Google to be compatible with Xbox, and just as on a computer or mobile device, it retains the same wonderful capabilities when used on an Xbox.

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Other useful Chrome features:

  • Enter automatic passwords into any app
  • Quicker webpage translation into your language
  • Stronger than ever defense against malware and phishing

Get Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox – Privacy-focused browser

Firefox is a prominent web browser overall, and it is quite popular with users of both mobile and personal computers.

This web browser is also downloadable for use on other well-known gaming consoles, such as PlayStation, Nintendo Wii U, as well as Xbox One, and Series X/S.

The gaming community was taken into consideration throughout the development of Firefox for the Xbox One. The opening tabs have been modified to make the interface simpler to browse as part of a special design that takes into account the control input.

By using the fantastic Firefox Sync function, you will have no trouble accessing material and tabs stored on other devices. Additionally, in comparison to other browsers, it prioritizes utilizing fewer system resources, which is one of its primary significant benefits.

Other useful Mozilla Firefox features:

  • Utilize reading (and listening) mode to better appreciate site content
  • To avoid email exploitation, use Firefox Relay.
  • Use Pocket to bookmark intriguing online articles

Get Mozilla Firefox

Vivaldi – One of the most customizable browsers

Vivaldi is a web browser that provides you with the ability to customize it in any manner you see fit. It makes surfing more enjoyable by enabling users to install plugins and sync with the devices of their choice.

Moreover, it gives users the ability to tailor the software to their specifications while eliminating clutter and unnecessary overhead. Vivaldi is a flexible web browser that allows you to install plugins and sync with all of your favorite devices. It is one of the finest browsers for Xbox One and Series X/S.

Other useful Vivaldi features:

  • Mouse gestures sensitive
  • Built-in mail client
  • Tab grouping
  • Notes manager

Get Vivaldi

Brave – Blocks trackers of any kind

Brave is a one-of-a-kind web browser that also has its very own search engine, which is also named Brave. However, if you would rather use one of the other available search engines, you have a choice of six others.

Although it boasts that its privacy features are superior to those of Firefox and that its performance is superior to that of Chrome, the differences between the two appear to be very insignificant, thus we regarded it as another best browser for Xbox One and Series X/S.

One of the best features is that you can view statistics on how efficient the browser has been in preventing advertisements and trackers from loading, as well as reducing the amount of bandwidth used and the amount of time spent doing so.

Other useful Brave features:

  • Control the ad blocker
  • Don’t use social media
  • View torrent files online

Get Brave

Monument Browser – Lightweight browser

Monument Browser is a speed-focused web browser that is streamlined and lightweight for use on the Xbox One. With its streamlined and aesthetically pleasing user interface, Monument Browser delivers a seamless surfing experience.

Other Monument features:

  • An Internet download manager with high speed
  • Online page storage
  • Unidentified navigation

Get Monument Browser

How do you download a browser on Xbox One?

  1. Press the Xbox button in order to navigate to the Home page and select the Xbox app store.search-xbox-one best browser xbox one
  2. Here, type the name of the browser you want to download and hit Install next to it.

How do I update the browser on my Xbox One?

Because the Xbox One and Series X/S consoles will automatically update their browsers, you won’t need to bother about keeping your browser up to date on those systems.

We recommend that you check out the best NFT Xbox games to try out to expand your horizons and interests.

These are the seven best browsers for Xbox One and Series X/S. Let us know in the comments section below which one you prefer. Thanks for reading!

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