5 Best Letterhead Making Software to Use in 2023

by Milan Stanojevic
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Even though we are all trying to reduce the amount of paper used in our companies, the reality is that businesses still need to use paper. And so do individual users.

As an example, in case you’re planning on writing a recommendation letter for one of your employees or sending an official notice regarding your company, the presentation of the letter is extremely important.

As you might know, the first impression is very important in any domain, as it sets the stage for how people will perceive you and what kind of relationship can be built.

This idea is especially important when it comes to companies both big and small, that’s why the way you present your company can make the difference between success and failure.

No matter if you’re using a physical paper document or a digital document, in order to achieve good results and make a good impression, all the official company documents have to include a professional-looking letterhead.

Using basic letterheads that were created in Microsoft Word will not do the trick.

If you want to step up your game regarding the way you present yourself and your company on the market, we recommend that you try these letterhead software options that we will explore in this article, next.

Which are the best tools to make great letterheads?

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is another great software option that can help you obtain professional-looking letterheads to represent you and your company.

This software was designed to be simple to use with an easily understandable user interface.

Creating letterheads in Adobe Creative Cloud Express takes just a few steps and in order to make the job even easier for you, it includes a great range of pre-made professional-looking templates.

You can customize every aspect of your newly created letterhead, save it in the cloud, or even generate templates from it for your next projects. Photos, shapes, and text can be easily added to create the perfect design for your company.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express comes in 3 different versions, one free, and two paid. The free version of this software gives you all the tools you need to get started in creating great letterheads but has some limitations.

The paid versions are also split into two categories, one for individual use, and the other for commercial use. Let’s explore some of their best features.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Premium for Individuals incorporates all the features found in the free edition.

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It gives you the ability to change the Creative Cloud Express logo to one of your companies and allows you to add your brand to include graphics, web pages, etc.

You can customize all aspects of the text, the font coloring, and you also have access to custom branding templates. This tool allows you access to live phone, chat support, and dedicated email support.

With Adobe Creative Cloud Express Premium for Teams, your company gets ownership of the user licenses and it provides billing features for all licenses on the account.

You can also reassign licenses through the web management tool included and you get dedicated 24/7 technical support by phone, email, chat, and forums.

Even though Adobe Creative Cloud Express is easy to use, you might find a tutorial to be useful. There is a good number of tutorials on the Adobe official site.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Professional letterheads can have a great impact for those that you are communicating with. Use the best tools on the market for them!
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Canva is a great letterhead maker app for PC that allows you to easily create custom letterheads, by choosing one of the great numbers of templates offered and then editing it to your needs.

This tool has a wide selection of professionally designed fonts, layouts, and images that allows you to create great-looking letterheads.

The free version of Canva offers you a good range of features that enable you to create letterheads easily.

The paid version also allows you to customize your project with your brand and also unlocks access to more layouts and filters.

In order to get started with creating your custom letterhead, you just need to open Canva and select the letterhead from the design types.

Now you can choose one of the provided layouts, upload your own images, edit them, and then easily save and share your project.

Canva offers you access to over 1 million photographs, graphics, and illustrations, and also more than 130 great-looking fonts. These options make Canva one of the easiest tools that you can use to create letterheads.


When it comes to designing graphical elements to make documents look professional, few tools will be as useful to you as Canva!
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SpringPublisher Pro

Springpublisher PRO - letterhead software

SpringPublisher Pro is incredibly powerful and useful publishing software that allows you to design and also print a wide range of formats.

You can create flyers, business cards, postcards, and also professional-looking letterheads that will surely improve the image of your company.

This software has a good range of out-of-the-box templates, and also allows you to download even more from the online store in the paid version.

SpringPublisher was released in 2 different versions, the Free edition has only basic capabilities and limited template downloads, and a Pro version.

SpringPublisher Pro includes all the features of the Free version and also gives you the possibility to download additional templates and create high-quality results at 350dpi.

All the templates found in this software can be edited in any way you see fit. You can remove and add specific elements, add shapes, text, and also images, with just one mouse click.

You can also edit the images you upload, select the font size, color, and formatting options for your text, and also insert QR codes, barcodes, etc.

After you’re done editing every aspect of your chosen template, you can easily choose to export your work either by creating a weblink or by downloading it to your PC.

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LucidPress - letterheads creator

LucidPress is an online platform that was designed to be easy to use, includes drag-and-drop features, and can create a large array of designs with the use of templates, and customization options.

You can create brochures, flyers, business cards, letterheads, so why not choose to start with one of the 350 professional-looking templates, or with a blank canvas and create something truly original.

One of the best aspects of this letterhead design software for pc is that is free to download. You can enjoy working along with your team from one screen, in the same way, Google Docs works.

In order to communicate with your colleagues and choose the best design, colors, and fonts, you can use the built-in chat and comment feature.

This is an incredibly useful tool if you are part of a team of designers, or just want some guidance from your friends.

Everything you create will be stored with encryption in the cloud, and the fact that you don’t have to install anything on your computer comes very usefully, especially for growing companies that need storage space.

You can also see an overview of the history of revisions, and set custom permissions to different users.

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GraphicSprings is another great software option that allows you to easily create letterheads and other types of professional-looking documentation.

The letterhead maker from GraphicSprings is very easy to use and has a great range of templates created by their graphic designers. You have the option to start by either using a template or creating everything from scratch.

If you want to use one of the professional-looking built-in templates, the team at GraphicSprings sorted the entire list into different categories – creative, corporate, accounting, business, legal, etc.

Having all the templates sorted into categories allows you quickly choose a suitable option from your activity domain.

To start making letterhead, the first step is to browse the template database and choose the one that fits your needs.

Then, you can edit every aspect of the template and add your custom logo. After you are done editing you can simply choose to download or print your letterhead directly from the software.

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The tools we explored in this article will help you create great-looking custom letterheads, that will represent your company entirely and make a good first impression.

The features found in the letterhead software we presented today, cover a range of topics, but most importantly, they offer a great set of professional-looking elements that can help you customize the look of your company.

We would love to know what your opinion is on the software we presented in this Top 5. Please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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