How to Download And Use Bit Browser For Unblocking All Sites

Follow these steps to download and use the Bit Browser

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  • Bit browser is best for unblocking sites with restricted access, preventing users from accessing them.
  • It is mainly for Chrome OS and can be added as an extension in Chrome browser and Opera.
  • Bit browser offers a fast, secure, and threat-free online browsing experience.
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Many of our readers have been frustrated because they cannot access some sites and online content due to restrictions blocking them. Hence, an unblocked browser, like Bit Browser, is needed to access this restricted content.

Also, there are other unblocked browsers to open blocked sites on your PC.

What are the benefits of the Bit Browser? 

Bit Browser is one of the best unblocked browsers users can use to unblock sites. It was designed for Chrome OS. Likewise, it is a free multifunctional browser with lots of features.

Nonetheless, some notable features and benefits that come with the Bit Browser are:

  • Unblock access for restricted sites Bit Browser is best for breaking through site restrictions. It allows users to surf through blocked websites and can’t be accessed via a standard browser. It safely unblocks sites and online content without harming your online privacy.
  • Secure internet access – It allows users to access sites online via a secure network, preventing the risk of losing vital data online. Also, it uses advanced technology to carry out searches and prevent online tracking when you browse.
  • Fast internet access – Another notable benefit of the Bit unblocked browser is that it is tight when loading web pages. Likewise, it hastens the communication between URLs and their servers.
  • Allows Multiple tabs – Users can open as many tabs as they want on the browser. In addition, it is reliable and can withstand a substantial amount of online workload.
  • Anonymity and privacy – Bit unblocked browser is known for its privacy features that allow users to surf the internet without leaving a trace. It doesn’t save browsing data, making data theft and detection hard. Likewise, users can manage multiple social media and eCommerce accounts anonymously.

However, users can enjoy countless other benefits of the Bit Browser, like a free browser. In addition, users don’t need to pay for the browser before use.

How do I download and use the Bit Browser?

Before downloading the Bit b=Browser, follow the preliminary steps below to prepare your device for the process:

  • First, ensure you connect to a stable and fast internet connection.
  • Turn off background apps that may interrupt the activities of other apps.
  • Ensure that your browser is updated.

After going through the steps above, proceed with the instructions below:

1. Add Bit Browser as a Chrome extension

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on your PC, go to the Chrome web store and search for Bit Browser.
  2. Click the Add to Chrome button to download and install the Bit Browser as an extension.
  3. Close the Chrome web store page and open the Extensions Manager in the top-right corner.
  4. Click the Bit Browser, select the New tab, or press Ctrl + L, input the blocked site’s URL, and click Enter.

If you don’t have a Chrome browser, you can use any other Chromium-based browser like Brave, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and others. Since they share similar features, they can also use Chrome extensions.

2. Download Bit Browser on your Android device

  1. Go to the Playstore app, search bit browser, and click the Install button.
  2. Then, click Open.
  3. Input the blocked site’s URL and hit the GO button.

Android users can easily access any site via the Bit Browser app. Nevertheless, you can read about the best Bit Browser alternatives for safe mobile browsing that you can download on your device.

These are the only options for using the Bit Browser. Therefore, ensure to follow the steps strictly for optimal results.

Likewise, check our list of the best browsers for Windows 11 for the utmost browser speed and security. 

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