3 Ways to Fix your Blink Camera When Getting Error 1011

Blink error 1011 also comes with the code NSURLErrorDomain

by Madhuparna Roy
Madhuparna Roy
Madhuparna Roy
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  • The Blink camera error 1011 is a common issue many users have reported and occurs due to connectivity issues. 
  • You may bump into the error randomly, or it may show up when you launch the Blink Home Monitor app or when trying to access the footage.
  • It could also appear due to an active VPN service, if the Wi-Fi is out of range, or if there's application data that you must remove. 
blink camera error 1011

If your Blink intelligent home security camera throws the error 1011 suddenly, don’t be surprised.

You may see the error message:

The operation couldn’t be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error – 1011)

While Blink is a well-known and resilient security device for your property, it is prone to errors like any other technology.

But if you encounter Blink’s unknown Tulsa error, you can refer to our detailed troubleshooting guide for further help.

While the usual reason behind the Blink camera error 1011 is the network issue, there are other reasons also like:

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  • An active VPN network
  • If Wifi is out of range
  • A bug in the network connection
  • Accumulated application data

Other users report that error 1011 appears when they try to playback the camera’s footage.

Also, the issue may show up when you connect the camera to the VPN (while it works correctly on a non-VPN network).

1. Change your Wi-Fi network

  1. Launch the Blink app and tap on the gear icon (Settings) at the bottom of the screen.Blink settings
  2. Next tap, under System Settings, tap on your camera device. select camera in blink system settings
  3. On the System Settings screen, tap on Sync Module to open the status screen. select sync module
  4. Now, on the Sync Module page, click on Change Wi-Fi Network.Change Wi-Fi Network
  5. Next, you must follow the on-screen instructions that ask you to press the Reset button on your Blink device, a small hole (on the side of the Sync Module) using a thin object.blink blue, stable green
  6. On successful reset, the blue LED should blink and the green LED should be solid on your Blink device.press reset button on blink device
  7. Now, press the Discover Device button and you will be prompted to join the Sync Module Wi-Fi network. Tap on Join. join device
  8. Next, pick your Wi-Fi network from the options provided under Add Sync Module. select wifi network
  9. You will then receive a success message saying Sync Module added! Tap on Done.

You have now successfully changed the Wi-Fi network for your Blink security device.

2. Disable the VPN

  1. On your Android phone, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification panel.
  2. Tap on the active VPN. swipe open notifications panel
  3. This will open the VPN app. Here, click on Stop. stop VPN
  4. Now, press Disconnect to confirm the action. disconnect VPN

Once done, force close the Blink app and turn it on again. Now, you should not encounter Blink error 1011, and the smart security system should function normally.

  1. Go to your Android phone Settings. phone settings
  2. Tap on Apps. android apps
  3. Then look for Blink and tap on it. Blink app
  4. Next, under App info, tap on Storage. App storage
  5. On the Storage page, tap on Clear data at the bottom. clear blink data
  6. Press OK to confirm the action.

Now that you have successfully reset the Blink app, the error message 1011 should not appear again.

Note icon NOTE
You can repeat steps 1 to step 3 as above, and then select Uninstall at the bottom to delete Blink. You can then reinstall Blink, and the error 1011 should not show up again.

It’s a clear indication that the issue is related to your network connection; hence, you notice the error message, Network request failed. Please try again later.

In this case, you can simply restart your device, or turn off the WiFi and turn it on again to establish a connection.

At the same time, make sure that your mobile phone is within the range of the WiFi router or access point.

Besides, you can check if the router and any access points are switched on. You may also restart your Wi-Fi router to check if this helps fix the issue.

If that doesn’t work, you may disconnect from the current network and try using another network to check if it helps fix the Blink error 1011.

Alternatively, you can contact the Blink technical support team for further assistance, and they should readily help you to fix the issue.

But, if you are looking for other best video surveillance software for Windows 10/11, you can refer to our detailed post for more information.

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