Best Browser for Duckduckgo: 5 Privacy Picks to Choose From

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that takes user privacy very seriously

by Tashreef Shareef
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  • If you don't like the idea that giants like Google or even Bing track your search history, you'll love DuckDuckGo. 
  • To get the most of this search engine, match it with an equally privacy-focused DuckDuckGo browser.
  • As far as we say, a good navigator tool must include a free VPN and ads blocker.
What is the best browser for duckduckgo
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DuckDuckGo is popular among people who take their privacy seriously and don’t want giants like Google or even Bing to track their search history.

A DuckDuckGo browser is equally important. And if you’re just scratching the surface when it comes to this topic, you may be wondering what is DuckDuckGo?

Others may have more of a dilemma and ponder on things like: is DuckDuckGo a browser or a search engine? We’re hoping that our explanations below will help to answer all of these questions.

Does DuckDuckGo make a web browser?

To start with, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that takes user privacy very seriously. While all the search engines claim they respect user privacy, it is a well-known fact that collected data is what keeps these search giants running.

DuckDuckGo, on the other hand, does not track user data, thus being one among few fully private search engines.

So how to use DuckDuckGo? It’s simple, just like you would with any other search engine such as Google, for instance.

It is recommended to use a DuckDuckGo browser, though. Using a DuckDuckGo desktop browser with better privacy features can empower users to take control of their personal information online without any tradeoffs.

By teaming up with a DuckDuckGo browser for Windows, you can enhance the impact of the private search engine even more.

What is the downside of DuckDuckGo?

Fewer services – DuckDuckGo can’t compare to a search engine like Google when it comes to services

Less customization – You can’s sync all your accounts and services with it

No personalization or autosuggestions – This is a pro and con at the same time because the personalization and the suggestions within the search come from tracking your information as Google does

That being said, let’s go and see what are the best privacy-focused browsers for DuckDuckGO. DuckDuckGo’s desktop browser compatibility is very wide but we have picked the very best of them for you.

What browser should I use with DuckDuckGo?

Opera – Best privacy-oriented features

Opera browser for DuckDuckGo

Opera Browser is a popular web browser for the Windows platform. Recently, it received a complete design overhaul along with some fancy features that make it the best privacy browser for DuckDuckGo.

The latest version comes with a free VPN, fast ad blocker, Web 3 support, and a lot more control over your browsing experience.

After installation, you can customize the browser by importing your bookmarks and history.

You can select a dark or light theme, use Messenger and WhatsApp without leaving the browser as well as store and use Cryptocurrency in the built-in Crypto wallet.

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Opera also comes with extension support, a built-in screenshot tool, and other security features such as HTTP redirection, etc.


Enhance your privacy with the ultimate DuckDuckGo browser with a built-in free VPN.

UR Browser – Light and privacy-oriented browser

UR Browser comes with a well-polished UI and a ton of privacy and security features. Chromium-based UR offers similar functionalities to Google Chrome and some additional features on top, we dare say.

Its privacy features include an inbuilt VPN with different servers for you to choose from when launching a private connexion.

UR can also block trackers, annoying ads, and cookies, redirect unsecured websites through an HTTPS connection when available, and even offers an anti-fingerprinting feature.

UR Browser

It’s like having your own digital bodyguard and security assistant.

Mozilla Firefox – Fast and reliable

Firefox Browser for DuckDuckGo

After Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is probably the most popular browser available for Windows computers. Similar to Opera, Firefox also received a major overhaul to its design in the recent update along with enhanced speed and resource management.

Firefox allows you to sync your browsing data across devices by creating an account. The popular add-on/extension support has now improved with a more strict approach to applicable add-ons.

The Private browsing mode now blocks contents and online trackers that follow you around the web. Then there is the Screenshots feature with scrolling support that allows for a quick snap and share session.

Firefox can be customized according to the user preference by changing the search bar tool, themes, and default search engine from the settings.

Get Firefox

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser among Windows users. However, it is also known to collect user data when allowed, which is why it only landed the last position in our list.

Chrome also comes with all the standard security features such as automatic URL redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, VPN, and ad-blocker support through extensions and a familiar user interface across the devices.

The latest version of Google Chrome includes DuckDuckGo as a recommended search engine, making it a DuckDuckGo browser choice.

Note that there is even a DuckDuckGo extension for Chrome that you can use to shorten the process.

Get Google Chrome

All the browsers in this article allow you to change the default engine and set it to DuckDuckGo. Also, consider checking our list of browsers that don’t save your history and personal data.

With the constantly increasing rate of cyber security breaches, you may even consider using one of the best browsers without cookies to protect your online privacy.

Do you use DuckDuckGo as your default search engine? Let us know in the comments below.