Need a browser to play Travian Legends? Here are our top picks

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best browsers for playing travian

Travian Legends is an online real-time strategy game that had been released in 2004 by software developer Travian Games. The game is played online, directly through the user’s browser, so no download is required.

Since this is a browser-based game, we are going to present you with the browsers to run Travian.


What are the best browsers for playing Travian?

Opera GX

Opera was launched in 1995 as a direct competitor to Internet Explorer. Opera Software, a Norwegian software company, developed Opera – which eventually became a multi-award winning web browser.

The web browser offers its users Opera Turbo mode, allowing web pages to load and run much quicker than usual. Although Opera does have the multiple tabs option, it’s not as efficient as UR Browser in Travian Legends.

Opera’s main asset seems to be the Bookmarks section though. Bookmarks are very well organized in the left side of the screen, allowing users to have their favorite links right at their fingertips.

Overall, Opera might not be as popular as other browsers on the list, but it still offers decent features that you should definitely check out.

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Opera GX

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UR Browser

UR Browser best browsers for playing travian

The first entry on our list is UR Browser, and what separates this browser from the rest is its focus on privacy and user security. The browser has a built-in ad blocker and anti-tracking protection, so you’ll remain safe from any harmful tracking cookies.

In addition, the browser has built-in virus protection so it will warn you if you download a malicious file or visit a malicious website. The browser also has an advanced Private Browsing mode, so it won’t store or send any of your information to Google.

There are also various features that will reduce your digital fingerprint and protect your privacy even more. Lastly, there’s also a built-in VPN, so you can rest assured that your information is safe at all times.

It’s worth mentioning that UR browser is built on Chromium, so it has the support for same features and extensions that Chrome uses. If you want to play browser games with extra security and privacy, UR Browser is the best choice.

UR Browser

UR Browser

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Mozilla Firefox

firefox best browsers for playing travian

Firefox was first released in 2002 by the Mozilla Corporation, currently being the 2nd most popular web browser on the market.

Mozilla Firefox supports many web standards, including HTML5, XML, XHTML, MathML, SVG 2 (partial), CSS , ECMAScript (JavaScript), DOM, XSLT, XPath, and APNG (Animated PNG) images with alpha transparency.

Regarding the memory usage, Firefox uses a bit less memory than Chrome, which makes it perfect if you’re on a low-end PC or if you want to reduce the memory usage on your PC.

Although it is not as fast as Google Chrome, Firefox will provide you with solid performance while playing browser-based games.

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Google Chrome

chrome best browsers for playing travian

Chrome is probably one of the best-known web browsers today. This browser has been developed by Google, and it’s currently the most used browser in the world. Google’s browser has the best JavaScript/ECMA Script support available and was ranked first at the HTML5 web standard test.

Due to these features, Chrome’s quickness seems best fitted to run games like Travian. If you have a decent PC, you can easily switch between multiple tabs while playing your favorite games.

Other than that, Chrome is fast, reliable and secure, but not as private with user data as our previous entry on the list. Nevertheless, it’s a great browser, and you should definitely try it out.

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We hope that our list of best fitting Travian Legends browsers could help you decide which web browser you’d prefer using. If this article helped you, leave a comment in the comment section below.


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