Latest Windows 10 build won’t install because of the 0x8007001F error

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Microsoft’s Insider Team doesn’t waste any second when it comes to improving the Windows 10 experience. The team released build 14371, and one day later they rolled out a new build for both PC and Mobile.

As the Anniversary Update is drawing near, we expected Microsoft to push more builds that usual, but nobody expected the company to roll out two consecutive builds. Actually, many Insiders didn’t even have the time to test out build 14371, that a new build landed on their systems.

However, some users haven’t been able to install the Windows 10 build 14372 because of the 0x8007001F error.

I’m trying to install the build 14372, but for some reason the update fails and I can’t find the reason.

Here is the setuperr.log […]:

2016-06-23 23:36:36, Error                 MOUPG  CSetupManager::ExecuteTask(2067): Result = 0x8007001F
2016-06-23 23:36:36, Error                 MOUPG  CSetupManager::ExecuteTask(2030): Result = 0x8007001F
2016-06-23 23:36:36, Error                 MOUPG  CSetupManager::ExecuteInstallMode(815): Result = 0x8007001F
2016-06-23 23:36:36, Error                 MOUPG  CSetupManager::ExecuteDownlevelMode(391): Result = 0x8007001F
2016-06-23 23:36:53, Error                 MOUPG  CSetupManager::Execute(236): Result = 0x8007001F
2016-06-23 23:36:53, Error                 MOUPG  CSetupHost::Execute(372): Result = 0x8007001F

This error code usually points to a faulty sound/audio driver, and the best solution would be to simply uninstall the sound/audio driver and try updating again.

Speaking of Microsoft’s Windows 10 builds, it appears that their codes are getting better and better, and users no longer report that many issues on Microsoft’s Forum. Usually, shortly after a new build was released, Insiders would flood the forum, reporting various issues and error messages encountered while testing out the build.

Lately, this no longer seems to be the case, as the Windows 10 builds are getting more and more stable.

Of course, the known issue list is not empty yet, but the fact that Insiders no longer rush to report build issues means that Dona Sarkar’s team is on the right path.


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Avatar Cedric W

won’t uninstalling the sound driver stop the sound on the system? I’m a music producer so sound’s pretty important to me.

Avatar John Cena

music produver too here – yes, but just reinstall it after you’ve successfully updated.