10+ best cable locks for your Windows 10 laptop [2021 Guide]

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best laptop cable locks

Your laptop is a valuable device, therefore it’s important that you know how to protect it properly.

In addition to protecting your PC from malicious users online, you also need to protect it from thieves.

The best way to do that is to use a laptop lock, and speaking of which, today we’re going to show you the best laptop cable locks for your Windows 10 laptop.

What are the best cable locks for Windows 10 laptops?

DPC Universally Compatible

  • Can be used to secure any laptop model
  • The lock head can resist tempering
  • Compatible with Kensington security slot.
  • Not directly compatible with Nook/Noble security slot

This is another cable lock for your laptop, but unlike other cable locks on our list, this one comes with a padlock.

It has a large range of compatibilities, and you can use it on your Apple MacBook Pro, PC, Notebooks, iPhone, Mac and Other Devices.

This lock also comes with a 4 wheel combination for strong protection. The lock will protect your laptop, but you can also use it with any other device that has a lock slot.

V7 SLC4000-13NB

  • Resists tempering
  • 4 digital wheel combination
  • It comes with 4 resettable digits
  • Does not work with Dell XPS13 and a Dell Inspiron 13

If you’re looking for a reliable laptop cable lock V7 SLC4000-13NB Portable Security Cable with Combo Lock might be perfect for you.

This lock has a high strength tamper-resistant head, and there’s also a cut-resistant galvanized steel cable. The cable is about 2 meters long, cut resistant, which is a great thing for users.

Regarding compatible devices, this lock works with all devices that have a Kensington security slot.

Kensington ClickSafe

  • Compact design, you can easily carry the laptop lock with you
  • You can secure your laptop with a single click
  • 4 feet steel cable
  • The cord does not fully retract easily

According to the manufacturer, the lock works with 99% of laptops, so you should be able to use this lock with almost any laptop on the market. Regarding compatibility, the lock isn’t compatible with certain Dell laptops such as some Inspiron, Latitude, Venue, XPS, and Chromebook 13 models.

These models use Noble lock slot, so they aren’t compatible with this laptop lock. Before making a purchase, be sure to check your laptop’s technical specifications and see if your device is compatible with this lock.

Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Retractable Laptop Lock is a simple laptop lock that will protect your device from theft.

Kensington MiniSaver Mobile Lock

  • Designed for ultra-thin devices such as Ultrabooks and tablets
  • Compatible with devices that have Kensington Security Slot
  • Works with technology that uses retracting claws
  • It uses a key, that can be misplaced or lost

This laptop lock is designed for ultra-thin devices such as Ultrabooks and tablets, but it can also work with standard laptops. 

The lock comes with off-body design which means that the lock won’t block any ports on your laptop. We also have to mention that this lock is incredibly simple to use.

Simply attach it to your laptop and press the single button on the lock and your device will become locked and secured.

If you want to unlock your device, simply use the included key. It’s also worth mentioning that the lock can be rotated so you can easily insert the key. The lock uses a carbon steel cable that is cut-resistant, so it will make your device completely secure.

In addition, the cable is also covered with protective plastic. If you accidentally lose your key, you can use Kensington Register & Retrieve programs to order a replacement key.

Kensington MiniSaver Mobile Lock is a great laptop cable lock with a simple design.

Wedge Low Profile Lock

  • No bag included storing the cable

As we mentioned earlier, some locks on our list aren’t compatible with Dell laptops. Certain Dell laptops use a Noble lock slot, and if you have one of those laptops, today we have the perfect laptop lock for you.

This is a simple lock, and it will secure your laptop with a single press of a button. The lock comes with a reinforced steel cable, patented peripheral trap, and set of keys. This lock also supports the master key, which is useful if you lose your keys.

Regarding the compatible laptops, this lock is compatible with Dell Venue Tablets, XPS 11,12,13,15, and 18. The list also includes Precision M3800, Inspiron 3000 series 11,13, 7000 series 13,14, and all Alienware notebooks.

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