These USB charging accelerators will charge your devices in no time

By: Costea Lestoc
3 minute read
USB charging accelerator

We’re here to help you stop grieving over your device’s dead battery. For instance, in case you’re faced with a low battery warning on your phone just before you leave the house, we’ll show you a few beat tricks that can help you charge your smartphone faster than usual so that you won’t get stuck with a brick in your hand. These methods will not give you more battery life but they’ll sure boost the speed of its charging.

Tips to boost your battery’s charging speed

  • If you switch your phone off, it will not have to look for Wi-Fi networks, mark its location on GPS or hop on a 4G. Since it’s turned off, the battery has nothing else to do but to charge itself and it will charge faster than with your phone on.
  • You can also put your device on Airplane Mode to speed up the charging process, but remember that the screen is the biggest battery drain.
  • Another good advice is to use the right adapter and cable for your device, and if the charger has a higher amperage rating, it will charge at a faster rate.
  • You should use a wall plug point not a USB port to avoid that your device charges slower.
  • You have to remove the cases and covers and find a cool spot for your device. It’s beneficial to do all these because smartphones batteries use lithium-ion which follows the most simple principle: a cooler battery is a better one.
  • Don’t forget about charging accelerators!

You can end your energy crisis now with a charging accelerator. We have even prepared for you the best two devices on the market. These charging accelerators will safely accelerate your device’s charging speed, and they are fully plugged and play.

USB charging accelerators

Elivebuy USB Charging Accelerator

Elivebuy Smart Charging Accelerator comes in a housing with aluminum and it features a pocketed size of 1.77 x 0.28 x 0.59 inches, so it’s small enough to be carried around anywhere you go.

You can use this charging accelerator to increase the current up to 1.5A. The device is equipped with USB Type A (male) to USB Type A (female), and it is compatible with laptops and computers.

It features a built-in advanced smart IC chip to detect your device, and it’s able to deliver lightning-fast charging speeds, according to the manufacturer.

The device offers short circuit protection.

  • Buy it now from Amazon at a discount price

ChargeDr USB Charge Booster

It offers high-speed charging from laptops, and it charges tablets and phones up to 4 times faster than a computer USB port alone.

You can connect the accelerator between a laptop’s USB port and the charging cable of a tablet or smartphone.

It supports Micros USB cables. The accelerator can deliver faster charging for devices that use standard micro USB charging.

The device uses a patent-pending technology.

You should take note that since the Google Nexus 7 uses a non-standard micro USB charging protocol. So, you can’t use your Windows PC to charge it.

The accelerator weighs 0.28 oz, and its dimensions are 0.375 x 1.875 x 0.875 inches, and it comes in a glossy black color. To use it you must have an available USB port.

The technical specs include:

  • Input: USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 Port 5V, o.5A~2.1A
  • Output: USB 5V, up to 2.1A

 –   Buy it now from Amazon at a discount price

Choose between these two charging accelerators the one that best seems to suit your charging needs.


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