Manage Your Projects with the Clockify Time Tracking Software

Time tracking and project management are crucial for business

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • The Clockify time tracking app helps you keep an eye on every team member activity and manage your projects efficiently.
  • Discover the free time-tracking tool and this software's more advanced features and learn how it can help your business.
  • This software covers all aspects of the work process, from scheduling to completion and invoicing your clients.
Clockify time tracking app review

Time tracking is very important, especially when your team is working from all over the world or they are freelancers.

That’s why you need a powerful time tracking tool like Clockify, not only to manage your projects but also to be able to make payments based on everyone’s timesheet.

There are two sides to this solution. The user dashboard is much simple and all they need to do it to punch the clock.

They may get assignments to project, present their schedule and write descriptions for their tasks.

The manager’s app is a lot more complex, with a lot of useful features for managing the teams, getting reports, and assessing the whole situation.

In this article, we will outline some of Clockify’s best features and show you some effective ways how to boost business productivity.

How can Clockify help your business?

Clockify is a free time tracker and timesheet app that helps you track the actual work hours across your projects.

Not only that, but with this tool, you can get detailed reports on your workforce activity.

And based on those reports, you may issue invoices and track your expenses so you will always be able to keep a close eye on all your projects.

Also, scheduling tasks with your team and keeping up with your client’s requirements will be right on your dashboard.

In a few words, Clockify helps you manage all the projects, scheduling, time tracking, and even GPS tracking of your workforce effectively.

Let’s see what are Clockify’s best features below and find out more about how it works.

What are Clockify’s best features?

1. Free time-tracker

Time-tracking is the core feature of Clockify and it’s free, no matter how many team members you have.

The main tool of the time tracker is the timer button. You simply need to select a project, enter a small description and push the Start button.

This is how you can keep track of your hourly progress and your activity, and the tasks will be chronologically ordered automatically.

On the project manager’s side, he will be able to see in real-time which member is working on which project and what is actively doing.

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The location of your workforce based on GPS

One of the most exciting features of Clockify is that you may even track your field workers based on their GPS location.

And the time tracking works on any device whether it’s a desktop PC or Mac or a mobile device, whether you’re working on a browser or on a certain app.

2. Detailed reporting

Reporting is an essential part of the whole project management operation and Clockify does that with great results.

And there are so many filters to choose from. You can practically get any data about the overall progress up to individual members of your team.

For instance, in the Summary window, you will see the number of hours worked based on time tracking and the revenues based on client invoicing.

However, you may also go deeper and discover what is the situation on a certain project and see the involvement of each team member.

And of course, all the reports can be downloaded and made into presentations for a detailed project assessment.

3. Great team management features

Even if the time-tracking function is the core of this app, Clockify is a great software to actually manage your whole team.

If you click on the Team tab from the left of Clockify, you will access the list of your users and the groups you can assign for the projects.

You can add new members, set their hourly rates, assign them to projects, and a lot more.

A great component of team management is scheduling the work for the projects and Clockify does that admirably.

You have the breakdown on all the projects individually, color-coded, you can assign individual users to projects, and set up the working hours based on a clear timeline.

This way, as a manager, you get all the information you need quickly without hassle.

4. Invoices and expenses management

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to keep track of your budget expenses. Expenses is a Pro version feature where you get the whole balance automatically.

Of course, you can add them manually, but the wages for the team members are included automatically based on all the factors you’ve set up.

Again, you may see the expenses report on a daily basis or broken down on projects, however, is more convenient.

And when it comes to collecting the fruits of your labors, you don’t need to head over to accounting.

In Clockify, you can issue invoices directly in a ready-made form together with your logo, and the list of services or products.

You don’t even need to think too much because you can import the time and expenses directly from the app.

Then, you may download the invoice in a secure PDF file and send it to your client in seconds.

Other meaningful advantages of using Clockify

Clockify is very simple to use but at the same time, it is extremely complex in terms of what you can do with it.

Let’s look at some of the other perks of Clockify:

Works on any device

Clockify is a cloud-based app so you, as a manager or any other member of your team can access the app on any browser wherever they are.

It comes with a mobile app but you may also set up kiosks for the users to clock in even if they don’t have it on their machine.

Manage leaves & holidays

Any team member can request leaves, and days off, and based on approval, everything will be clocked automatically.

You even have the option of adding official holidays and everything will show up live in the Calendar feature.

Powerful integrations

Clockify alone is a great time-tracking and management tool, but when you combine it with Quickbooks, Trello, Plaky, and over 80 other integrations, you’ve got yourself a really powerful business management suite.

You may even integrate other productivity tools like Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Outlooks, or Google Docs and Sheets.

How can I get Clockify and how much does it cost?

You can simply go to the Clockify website and hit the big Start Tracking Time button. You will be able to download the Windows, Mac, or Linux tracking app or the extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

The mobile app is also available for Android or iOS users but the management app is also available for access on any browser with a dedicated Gmail account.

As for payment, as we mentioned before, the time tracking feature is completely free.

However, if you want to benefit from the advanced features that we outlined above, you will have to go for one of the 4 available plans: BASIC, STANDARD, PRO, and ENTERPRISE.

The full seat means a manager or administrator account and the limited seats are for regular users and your workforce.

You can still buy a license and test it for 30 days. If it doesn’t fit your needs, there is a money-back guarantee policy.

Get Clockify

Simple and comprehensive interface
Free time-tracking
Can be used on any platform, device or browser
Expenses tracking and invoicing
Extensive library of guides
If you have a big organization, it may take some time to set it up

Final notes

Time tracking and team management are crucial, especially if you have employees scattered all over the world or on the field.

However, Clockify seems to have answers for every single aspect of the operation, from the simple clocking and invoicing of your clients.

The interface is extremely neat and well-structured so you can easily find the needed information straight away.

We hope that the information provided in our review is useful and you will give Clockify a try.

But while we’re on this subject, you may also want to see our list of the best Windows 11 productivity apps. Most of them also work on Windows 10 if you didn’t upgrade to the latest OS yet.

If you’ve already tried Clockify, tell us all about your experience in the comments section below.

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