Your connection is not fast enough Plex error [QUICK FIX]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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your connection is not fast enough plex

Even though Plex is a more-than-reliable Media Server solution for a plethora of devices, users are seeking for the solution of the awkward connection problem. It’s mainly present on Nvidia Shield and Fire TV and it can be quite a dealbreaker. Especially since it’s present for almost 3 years and still isn’t fully addressed. The error reads Your connection is not fast enough.

Now, the real problem lies in the fact that the affected users most certainly have a good connection and the server‘s hardware capabilities are mostly dealing with transcoding. The problem is either in the Shield or, more likely, an issue with Exoplayer 2 on Plex. Either way, we tried to give you some elementary troubleshooting steps. Until the problem is dealt with future updates.

How to fix Your connection is not fast enough error on Plex

1: Check the connection

  • Ensure that you are using a wired connection.your connection is not fast enough plex
  • Reboot all the devices — both server and Shield.
  • Make sure that the modem ports are open.
  • Check your connection speed.
  • Check the IP assignment.

Plex extension for Kodi works without issues. Get Kodi on Windows 10 and avoid this error.

2: Update the app or sideload the Test version

  1. Update the Plex app on your Nvidia Shield or Fire or downgrade to the Plex Android-based version 6.12. your connection is not fast enough plex
  2. Navigate to the Nvidia Shield official forum, here.
  3. Register your Shield serial number to gain access to the newest test firmware version.
  4. Install it and look for improvements.

3: Update Plex Media Server

  1. Log into the server web interface.
  2. Open Settings.your connection is not fast enough plex
  3. Select the Server tab.
  4. Install the latest version.
  5. Restart Plex Media Server.

In addition, Plex Support needs your logs in order to reproduce the error and fix it for good. So you can, if you have some time to spare, send them the logs. Check how to do it, here.


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